The U.S. does not know if 2,100 immigrant children have reunited with their parents, DHS says

According to a Homeland Security (DHS) report, up to 2,100 children who were separated from their families near the US-Mexico border during the Trump administration may still be separated from their parents. President Biden..

Some of these children may have found a way to reunite with their parents, but the U.S. government has no record of reunions, Biden’s Family Reunion Task Force said. I mentioned it in the first progress report released on Tuesday.

Five of the immigrant children who have not yet reunited with their parents report being in detention by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) because authorities could not find a family in the United States to take care of them. The book revealed ..

According to the Task Force, U.S. border authorities segregated at least 3,913 immigrant children between the summer of 2017 and the end of former President Donald Trump’s term as part of an effort to deter immigrants. Prior to Mr. Byden’s establishment of a DHS-led task force, 1,779 children reunited with their parents in federal court lawsuits and advocacy activities.

The DHS said it is working to determine the number of 2,137 children with no record of reunion who are still separated from their parents.

So far, the Task Force has facilitated the reunion of seven families who had been separated under Mr. Trump. The DHS said it hopes to promote the reintegration of 29 more families in the coming weeks.

According to the report, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has approved 37 parole applications allowing parents and siblings of separated children to enter the United States, allowing them to reunite on land in the United States. ..

“We presume that separation is an extreme harm and that reuniting separated parents and children will benefit the urgent humanitarian and significant public interests, so we start with that presumption. , Each case will be considered on a case-by-case basis, “said a senior DHS official at DHS.

The DHS said it expects US-based reunification to accelerate in the coming months.

“The Department of Homeland Security is working on a relentless pursuit to reunite families brutally separated by the previous administration,” said Alejandro, Secretary of Homeland Security, appointed by Mr. Biden to lead the task force. Mallorcus said. “Last month, when I reunited the first seven families, I said this was just the beginning.”

More than 1,600 parents have been separated and nearly 400 children have been deported to their home countries, the Task Force said in a report, noting that only 2% of families were deported together. did.

Lee Gelernt, a lawyer at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and responsible for the federal trial over separation during the Trump administration, called on the Biden administration to accelerate reunification.

“I really wanted to see more progress so far, but I’m going to make sure the government can speed up,” Gerand told CBS News. “The president said this to the country. We call it a stigma of historical morals, so we believe the government needs to do whatever it takes to reunite these families. “

The DHS said it is analyzing 1,700 turnover cases, in addition to 3,900 turnover cases that are considered to be within the task force, to determine if they are justified.

Upon arrival in the United States, reunited families will have access to mental health services through HHS. The Task Force said it is also considering providing family case management, clinical treatment, parenting support and other services.

Eligible separated families are given three years of protection from deportation seeking a work permit. The period can be extended, but the relief is temporary and the family is permanent in the United States. You cannot apply for legal status. If a family member loses his asylum claim, he may face deportation.

A DHS official said, “We will consider what can be used for long-term positions.” “At this time, we cannot guarantee the long-term status of people, but we will consider the means and procedures by which we can apply for existing benefits.”

Proponents have called on the Biden administration to put separated families on the road to US citizenship.

“They must have a sense of security and permanence,” Gelert said. “We want the government to do the right thing and not deport these families.”

The U.S. does not know if 2,100 immigrant children have reunited with their parents, DHS says

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