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The weather is dark, but it doesn’t have to be.

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Mother Nature loves to laugh in the face of pleasant weather forecasts, flash floods, and occasional out-of-season scorching forest necks. Whether you’re in town for a vacation and find a harbor cruise that’s suddenly hit by heavy rain, or a local trying to escape home before climbing a wall, enjoy many activities protected from the elements. can do. Sure, you already know that it will hit museums, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and other cultural institutions, but what about letting go in the bubble holes? From browsing bookstores to adrenaline rush, check out this guide and spend some time.

Browse some vintage readings

Remember when you read something other than your phone? The Boston area has more than Newberry’s Trident Book Cellars & Cafe, Bay Village’s words, and Cambridge indie favorites such as Harvard Bookstore and Porter Square Books, which are must-see spots to light up. There is such a blessing. Located in downtown, with a giant # 2 pencil at the front door, the Brattle Book Shop offers double-decker used books and three-story rare antiques. You can roam the treasure trove of books for hours, including maps, postcards, and other ephemeras, as well as unprinted rarities and first editions. And when the weather cooperates, the shelves of the outside sales lots provide some sunlit literature.

9 West St., Boston, 617-542-0210,

Catch artistic flicks

Instead of twisting the lines to see the latest blockbuster, consider an excursion to Cambridge’s Brattle. Here, a one-screen cinema in a historic brick building celebrates the magic of the movie. The show here is a special-themed multi-film program that may celebrate a particular director or topic, focusing on art house flicks, foreign and cutting-edge films. Also, enjoy the vintage atmosphere with the classic 35mm film screenings along with past screenings. Sunset Boulevard When Sing in the rain Celebrate the charm of Vintage Hollywood. In addition, we frequently share buildings with Boston’s Best of Winners, Alden & Harlow, so you can enjoy darts from movies to dinner (or vice versa) without getting soaked.

40 Brattle St., Cambridge, 617-876-6837,

Graph the historic course

Even if all the maps are around, it’s easy to get lost at the Norman P. Revencal Maps & Education Center, a museum in the Boston Public Library. Visit here to navigate exhibits such as maps, maps and globes. The exhibition is open to the public and is available digitally. Other collections are available to researchers by appointment. Here you can find relics from the 15th century to the present, leaning towards Boston and New England. Breakthrough items include maps of cities during the American Revolutionary War and maritime maps of the New England coast. The hand-painted 1475 circular world map also sublimates the atlas into a work of art.

Boston Public Library-Central Library, 700 Boylston St., Boston, 617-859-2387,

Climb the wall

In life, it’s not necessarily about the destination, but about the climb. And perhaps nothing is more true than rock spot climbing, a fitness spot in Saudi and Dedham. Here, adventurers can learn belay techniques to help fellow climbers by acting as a tether to the Terra Farm. Or you can clip it to an automatic belay (a kind of pulley system) and climb rock walls for a safe solo venture. Those who don’t want to be tied up can hit the bouldering wall. The bouldering wall has an angled surface studded with grips, part of free climbing is a spatial reasoning test and part is training. In addition, yoga classes can help you relax your tired forearms.

67 Sprague St., Dedham, 617-333-4433; 30 Old Colony Ave., South Boston, 617-269-2084,

enjoy the silence

Opened in 1992, Harvard’s 1959 chapel non-denominational classes offer a quiet moment carved from the hustle and bustle of Boston. The structure may have been named after the 1959 Harvard Business School class that funded the build, but the design is a time warp into the future: swooping curves, concrete cylindrical rooms, and A glass pyramid water garden offering a mini oasis. Topped with skylights that reflect rainbows over minimal gray walls, this spot provides brightness even on the most miserable days.

Gordon Road, Boston, 617-495-6000,

go Ape

Children and adults do not feel as buoyant as jumping into the sky on a trampoline when the weather is bad. Sky Zone’s aerial adventure zones at Everett, Danvers and Kingston offer activities such as wall-mounted trampolines and dodgeball. American Ninja Warrior-A quirky obstacle course. And perhaps the most uplifting part? After catching the air on the trampoline, the swan jumps out of the marshmallow bag into a gorgeous foam pit that feels like a bear hug.

69 Norman St., Everett, 617-387-1000; 100 Independence Way Liberty Tree Mall, Danvers, 978-252-3000; 101 Kingston Collection Wakeston Collection Mall, Kingston, 781-514-7595,


Do you prefer to rush in a “throw out of the plane” type of method with a little less adrenaline? Trekk to Nashua, New Hampshire (that is, what else do you do because it’s raining?) And experience the thrill of a floating sun parachute adjacent to skydiving over a skyventure indoor vertical wind tunnel. please. Skitty participants should be careful: there is no sense of jumping or free fall, instead you are guided by a baby bird-like instructor who learns to take wings. If you want to prioritize surfing and skip the sky, you can boogie your indoor surfing rig. An indoor surfing rig pumps 32 feet of jet water and hangs 10 on a real surfboard.

100 Adventure Way, Nashua, New Hampshire, 603-897-0002,

Make a splash

The weather may have drowned your dream of hitting a local beach, but you can still make waves in the 16 indoor pools of the nearby Boston Youth & Family Center fitness facility. From the Curtis Hall Community Center in Jamaica Plain to the Flaherty Pool in Roslindale, these pools invite children to swim lessons and adults can enroll in lap swims and water fitness classes. please think about it. It’s like a trip to the beach, without sand or sunscreen.

Various places, 617-635-4920,

Play some mind games

If escaping from one room seems a little too easy, try Boda Borg for a headache. Here, a team of 3-5 people faces physical and mental challenges that span 18 different rooms within a 30,000-square-foot facility. Physical difficulties are categorized as easy, moderate, or difficult, and the challenges vary by theme. One quest is trying to escape from Alcatraz’s famous prison, while another room is navigating a haunted house. Also, challenges are not limited to physical ones. Other rooms enhance your mental stamina (and patience) with quizzes, memory puzzles, and ticking clocks.

90 Pleasant St., Malden, 781-321-1081,

Curate your own film festival

If you want to revisit the glorious days of browsing the aisles for hours at your favorite movie rental spot, the Jamaica Plain Video Underground is for you. Billed as the last video rental store in Boston, the spot has about 10,000 titles from mainstream releases to anime, art house jewelry and documentation. But getting the highest invoice is your chance to rent a VU screening room on an hourly basis. Here you can enjoy your own mini-film festival or eat special sweets such as candy, flatbread pizza and mini vegan cheesecake at a party of up to 30 guests. Site cafe. Beat another night on Netflix.

3203 Washington Street, Jamaica Plain, 617-522-4949,

Taste some bites on the shopping side

With plenty of tables on a vast patio, a greenhouse, a cozy fire pit, and indoor dining, Bow Market, Summerville’s Food Hall Meets Shopping Center, is a true buffet for indecisive diners. Craving for morning nosh? Fill your breakfast burrito with Mike & Patties and rinse with Remnant Brewing Americano. A dish that makes you feel relieved when you eat it? Take a poutine and vegetarian burger and dog at Saus. For dinner, eat fresh oysters hooked and finish off your sweet notes with macaroons playful before enjoying dishes such as soybeans and brown sugar-hardened pork shoulders at the Filipino-American restaurant Tanam. Let’s do it. And perhaps the best way to get out of these heartfelt aids is to look for vintage men’s and women’s treasures in Bobby, Boston, or browse Wild Child books and bottled natural wines.

1 Bow Market Way, Somerville,

Support local arts and activities

The 5,000-square-foot space of the Dochester Art Project in Fields Corner is a bit difficult to classify in the best possible way. Artist studios, zine libraries, galleries, retail stores and performance venues all find homes under one roof. Operated by the non-profit arts organization BrainArts Org, DAP combines art and activity to serve and support a community that has been historically excluded. You probably don’t need to troll Amazon to make boring shopping, so go to the store to buy art and other merchandise from local manufacturers and browse for discounts and savings on crafts and clothing. Every weekend, the melanin-owned vendor’s flea market takes over the low levels of DAP and presents a wealth of wonders from local businesses.

1490 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester, 857-400-8982,

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