The United States and Britain are trying to ease tensions with France over the “crisis” of submarine trading

US President Joe Biden (R) and French President Emmanuel Macron (L) are having a conversation prior to the NATO Summit at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) headquarters in Brussels on June 14, 2021. increase.

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London — The United States and the United Kingdom have ParisStab from behind.. “

President of the United States Joe Biden Requested a call with the President of France on Sunday Emmanuel Macron.. A spokesperson for the French president said on Monday that the call would take place within a few days and Macron would like to get some “explanation.”

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday that he was “very proud” of his relationship with France and that “our love for France cannot be eradicated.”

After last week’s news, Australia canceled its submarine deal with France and instead worked with the United Kingdom to purchase new technology from the United States.

It’s not OK among us, it’s not OK at all. That means there is a crisis.

Jean-Yves Le Drian

French Foreign Minister

The new deal will allow Australia to buy nuclear submarines instead of traditional submarines. Some experts say the United States is trying to strengthen its position on China in the Indo-Pacific region.

Beijing has strongly criticized the transaction between the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, known as AUKUS, as “very irresponsible.”

“There was a lie … a serious breach of trust”

France did not hesitate to receive news of the deal and even recalled ambassadors from the United States and Australia.

“There was a lie, there was duplication, there was a serious breach of trust, there was contempt. So there is a problem between us, there is no problem at all. That means there is a crisis,” Jean said. Dorian, Foreign Minister of Yves Le France, told InfoFrance 2 on Saturday.

“We recalled the ambassadors who tried to understand and show our deep dissatisfaction with these former partner countries, but when they came here, our interests in both Australia and the United States. We have the opportunity to reassess our position to maximize our position. The State, “added the Minister.

Le Dorian also said that so far there is no day to send back the two ambassadors. France has also canceled the upcoming meeting between Paris and London this week.

A spokesperson for the French president on Monday said the original contract between Paris and Canberra included “compensation,” but did not disclose any value. According to Reuters, when Australia signed a contract with France in 2016, the total cost of the submarine was $ 40 billion.

European diplomatic innocence

“By escalating the controversy, Macron wants to bring most of France’s opinion to his side. Macron also permanently insists on other EU countries about European defense and industrial strategies. I want them to understand that they need to be on their side now, rather than doing it, “said Mujitaba Rahman, director of consultancy Eurasia, in a memo on Saturday.

These topics are of particular importance to Macron, as France is preparing for the April presidential election. The country is also set to lead discussions at the EU level when it becomes the replacement presidency of the Council of the European Union in January.

“I think Europe has emerged from diplomatic innocence,” said Le Drian, French Foreign Minister.

In fact, the EU’s head, Josep Borrell The diplomatic portfolio said in response to the announcement, “Like everyone else, we must survive ourselves.”

Australia does not regret that decision

Meanwhile, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison defended his decision and denied that France had lied.

“Ultimately, this is a decision on whether a submarine, which was built at great expense to Australian taxpayers, will be able to do the work it needs when commissioned, and our strategic decision. The best advice on intelligence and defense was not to do so. “

The United States and Britain are trying to ease tensions with France over the “crisis” of submarine trading

Source link The United States and Britain are trying to ease tensions with France over the “crisis” of submarine trading

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