The United States announces new sanctions against Russia for the services, media and defense industries | US Foreign Policy

U.S. announces new layers of sanctions RussiaTarget Services, Russian propaganda machines, and the defense industry on the eve of the planned Victory Day parade of Vladimir Putin.

New measures were announced when the leaders of the industrialized democratic G7 group held a virtual summit with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at a show of solidarity.

These are primarily aimed at closing loopholes in existing sanctions and tightening the territory around the Russian economy by a few more notches.

The new sanctions include:

* Prohibition of selling US services to Russia such as accounting and management consultants

* No longer sell US advertising or broadcast equipment to the three Kremlin-controlled TV stations

* Technology export ban including industrial engines, bulldozers and other items that can be used in Russian defense plants

* Visa restrictions for another 2,600 people in Russia and Belarus, including military personnel, Sberbank and Gazprombank executives

By imposing a ban on services, the United States is in line with the United Kingdom. Similar announcement last week.. Both countries provide Russian companies with an overwhelming majority of services such as accounting and management consulting.

The Biden administration We see US service providers as a potential tool that Russia can use to circumvent the disciplinary measures already imposed.

“Help them understand from Russian companies how to get sanctions and rebuild their business strategies, in some cases avoid these sanctions, and in the case of accountants how to hide some of their wealth. I was asked, and we are closing it. “

Restrictions, like the UK Does not apply to lawyersBut US officials said it could change and Washington and London are coordinating their move in that regard.

“At least for now, if there is a desire to seek due process through a US lawyer, we have decided to allow it to continue,” officials said. “But we are reassessing the scope of these service sanctions daily, and depending on how our behavior changes over time, we can certainly increase the sanctions.”

The new media sanctions cover three Kremlin-controlled promotional agencies, Channel 1, Russia 1, and NTV. American companies will no longer be allowed to sell equipment such as camcorders and microphones to them, and US advertising on their channels will be banned. Last year, a US company bought a $ 300 million ad in the Russian market.

“Many of these advertisers have announced that they will reduce their business activity at these stations since the intrusion, but we have confirmed that the decision will continue and US companies will fund Russian propaganda. I’m doing it. “

The export ban on new technologies in industrial products such as heavy engines and bulldozers aims to influence Russia’s war effort by damaging the supply chains of defense makers. The United States claims that Russia’s two major Russian tank plants, Uralvagonzavod Corporation and Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant, have already had to stop production due to a shortage of foreign parts.

The 2,600 new visa restrictions for individuals include military personnel deemed involved in the aggression and Russian agents, and new visas automatically apply to military personnel or agents involved in human rights abuses. I have a policy.

The targeted sanctions will also hit eight executives at Sberbank, Russia’s largest financial institution, and 27 executives at Gazprombank, which is owned by Russia’s giant gas industry. Until now, Gazprombank has remained untouched as it has played a role in facilitating the purchase of Russian natural gas in Europe.

“This is not a complete block. We will not freeze Gazprombank’s assets or ban transactions with Gazprombank,” a senior government official said. “We’re telling you that Gazprombank isn’t a safe haven, so it sanctions some of their top business executives, who are at the top of the organization, to create a chilling effect. I am. “

The United States announces new sanctions against Russia for the services, media and defense industries | US Foreign Policy

Source link The United States announces new sanctions against Russia for the services, media and defense industries | US Foreign Policy

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