The United States has passed a tough milestone as one in 500 people died of COVID as the debate about the need for booster shots heats up.

The United States passed another tough milestone in the coronavirus pandemic on Thursday. The death toll from COVID-19 has exceeded 666,000. This means that about 1 in 500 people in the United States died of the disease.

Currently, approximately 1,900 deaths are recorded daily. This means that the United States is killing more every two days than the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

The United States records an average of 152,605 new cases per day. According to the New York Times tracker And an average of 98,449 hospitalizations. Almost all of those patients are unvaccinated.

West Virginia, Early leader in vaccinationHas become one of the lowest-priced states and has recently led the country per capita. The state is suffering from more new incidents (about 2,000 per day) than at any other time during the crisis.

However 40% of West Virginia’s population is fully vaccinated. In other words, I was vaccinated twice with the two-shot vaccine developed by Pfizer.

And German partner BioNTech
+ 2.57%

Or Moderna
+ 1.76%
Or one of Johnson & Johnson

Single dose regimen.

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NS Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Vaccine Tracker Shows that 54.1% of the total population, almost 180 million people, are fully vaccinated and 63.4% are vaccinated at least once. Public health experts lament that they are suffering preventable death among unvaccinated people.

A discussion about whether voluntary Americans now need to get booster shots precedes a Friday meeting of a group of independent US Food and Drug Administration advisors gathering to review the data and vote on the issue. Continued.

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FDA Announce your own view All US COVID-19 vaccines continue to provide strong protection against serious illness, and a number of booster immunization applications from Pfizer and Moderna on Wednesday. Companies that are in a position to make billions of dollars from boosters say they believe they need boosters. Pfizer insisted The United States was able to track Israel’s experience of starting to manage booster shots amid a surge in delta volatility.

But the experts are not convinced, As reported by Jaimy Lee of MarketWatch.

“Do you need it at this point? Does the data justify a large-scale deployment to 150 million? [or] 200 million young and healthy Americans? “John Moore, a professor of microbiology and immunology at Weil Cornell Medical College, asked. “It is this idea that the vaccine is failing because we have to escape because the vaccine is failing.”

The World Health Organization is seeking a moratorium of boosters until other parts of the world receive their first vaccination, and other agencies are reiterating their demand for greater fairness in vaccination.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles County public health officials will begin demanding COVID-19 vaccination certification from patrons and workers in indoor bars, wineries, breweries, lounges, and night clubs in October. The Associated Press reported. According to the county’s Public Health Service, proof of complete vaccination will be required by November 4. Health officials strongly recommend the same precautions for indoor restaurants, but have not chosen to require vaccination certification.

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The Biden administration demands vaccination against COVID-19 and contact tracing of foreign visitors to renew the current widespread restrictions that the United States has banned many foreigners from traveling to the United States. I am considering it. AP states in another report.

Jeffrey Zients, Coronavirus Coordinator at the White House, said the recent increase in COVID-19 cases will keep current travel restrictions until the government deploys a “new system” to regulate international travel. Said. This system includes the important role of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Elsewhere, China said it is now fully vaccinated against 1 billion people, or 71% of the 1.4 billion people’s population. The Times reported. This brings us closer to our goal of fully inoculating 80% of people by the end of the year.

France has suspended 3,000 health workers because it was not vaccinated against COVID by the Wednesday deadline. Reported by AFP and other news agencies. French National public health agencies still had about 12% of hospital staff and about 6% of private sector doctors last week Vaccination..

Russian President Vladimir Putin said dozens of his staff were infected with COVID and he would continue to be quarantined. ABC News reported. Putin first said he would quarantine himself earlier this week after someone in his inner circle tested positive.

Separately, Russia’s UN ambassador expressed anger after the New York City government stated that all attendees of the UN General Assembly next week must submit evidence of vaccination. The Guardian reported. Vasily Nevensia called for a parliamentary meeting to discuss the move.

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Latest tabulation

Globally, the total number of coronavirus-borne diseases exceeded 226.5 million on Thursday, and the death toll increased to 4.66 million. Data aggregated by Johns Hopkins University..

The United States continues to lead the world with a total of 41.5 million cases and 666,630 deaths.

India has 33.3 million people after the United States, with 443,928 deaths.

Brazil has the second highest number of deaths, 588,597, with 21 million cases recorded.

In Europe, Russia reports the highest death toll at 192,340, followed by the United Kingdom at 134,976.

China, The virus was first discovered in late 2019, According to official numbers, there are 107,705 confirmed cases and 4,849 deaths, which are widely believed to be significantly underreported.

The United States has passed a tough milestone as one in 500 people died of COVID as the debate about the need for booster shots heats up.

Source link The United States has passed a tough milestone as one in 500 people died of COVID as the debate about the need for booster shots heats up.

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