The United States reports over 69,000 new COVID-19 cases – the most in a day since July

The United States currently has the most new COVID-19 cases since July, with over 69,000 new cases reported nationwide on Friday.

In Wisconsin, a quarter of coronavirus tests are back positive. Residents are urged to avoid rallies-even at political rallies, Michael George reports on “CBS this morning: Saturday.”

Dr. Bob Friedland, along with other Wisconsin doctors, stepped up on Friday to urge the cancellation of President Trump’s rally on Saturday night in the state.

“President Trump’s rally has become a platform for endangering public health and disseminating medically inaccurate information,” he said.

Wisconsin is one of at least seven states that have set records of infection in the last two days, and there is no mystery as to why the number of cases has increased.

“Retirement parties, birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, all of this,” said Andrea Palm, General Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Health.

North Dakota # 1 in New Cases Per capita
Medical staff will conduct the Covid-19 test on October 15, 2020, outside the Family Healthcare Building in downtown Fargo, North Dakota.

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In Kansas City, eight regional hospitals had to discharge patients this week.

Meanwhile, New Mexico had record cases and hospitalizations on Friday for the second consecutive day.

“We haven’t been successful in fighting the virus,” said New Mexico Governor Ruhan Grisham. “This is the most serious emergency New Mexico has ever faced.”

In California, the Attractions and Parks Association is applying to open Disneyland. But the governor is not upset.

“For the time being, we don’t expect the opening of these large theme parks to increase stability,” said Governor Gavin Newsom.

In Salem, Massachusetts, the push to Halloween is repulsing as usual.

“This year is not the year to come to Salem,” said Mayor Kim Driskol.

However, nearly eight months have passed since the pandemic occurred, and despite the worsening crisis, there is still no unified response on what to do.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the main voices of the pandemic, favors public health measures rather than the blockade of the country. He said “60 minutes” In a report aired on Sunday, he said things would need to be “really, really bad” in order for him to claim a blockade of the country.

“First of all, the country is tired of restrictions, so we take public health measures to be a safe gateway to open the economy, not to prevent it from opening. I want to use it, “he said.

Earlier this week, he told CBS Evening News anchor and editor-in-chief Norah O’Donnell that he expects to know if there are safe and effective vaccine candidates by November or December. Asked when most Americans will have vaccines available, he hopes that all vaccines currently in clinical trials will be “by the first quarter of 2021, for example April 2021.” I estimated.

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