The United States will meet to mark June 16 after recognizing it as a federal holiday | US News

A few days after Juneteenth was made public holidayThe news of the Emancipation Proclamation arrives in Galveston, Texas, and a national community gathers to celebrate the release of slaves on June 19, 1865. Final Confederate state abolish.

Reportedly, the event in Atlanta scheduled for Saturday will include a procession that begins opposite the Eveniza Baptist Church.

Atlanta and the surrounding area have been commemorating June 16th for many years. Richard Rose, president of the NAACP branch in Atlanta, said Thursday’s declaration that Juneteenth was a federal holiday resonated especially in the southern city, often referred to as the “birthplace of the civil rights movement.”

In Stone Mountain, Georgia, 32 km from northeastern Atlanta, a village of 6,500 people is hosting their first June 16 celebration. This event is especially appealing given the location.A Confederate figure is engraved on the mountain, which is The nine-story sculpture is the biggest compliment A legacy of support for slavery in the South.

Chicago’s “March For Us” event follows a one-mile route in the business section of the city, known as the Loop. “We celebrate Independence Day, so we will be disappointed if we don’t celebrate the day when three-fifths of the people are finally free and begin this journey towards equality.” Ashley Manson, the organizer of the march, said.

“June teenthin Queens” is one of the commemorative events in New York City. The week-long festival will conclude on Saturday with a virtual panel discussion. The food truck offers items such as jerk chicken, waffles and barbecues.

The event will also feature a face-to-face performance led by New York State Legislature Alicia Hyndman, who sponsored the 2020 legislation that made Juneteenth a state holiday.

One event in Colorado will feature an elevated road honoring Bessie Coleman’s heritage. In 1921, Coleman became the first African-American woman to obtain a pilot license.

“That’s what Juneteenth means to me. The independence and freedom of African Americans due to the hardships of our ancestors,” said 17-year-old black high school student Deneen Smith. An ambitious pilot, Smith was inspired by the story of Coleman.

Some Juneteenth celebrations in the South PostponedHowever, because tropical cyclone claudets bring heavy rains, floods, and strong winds to the coast. Mississippi And Louisiana.

When Joe Biden signed a bill recognizing Juneteenth as a federal holiday known as “Juneteenth Independence Day,” he said: We agree with the mistakes we have made. And remembering those moments, we begin to heal and become stronger. “

Kamala Harris, the first black woman to serve as Vice President at the White House bill signing ceremony on Thursday, said: We are one step away from where President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. “

“And we are here to witness the president Joe Biden Set Juneteenth as a national holiday. We have to come a long way and go a long way, but today is a celebration day, “Harris said.

On Saturday, Biden repeated his previous remarks. “Juneteenth shows both the long and harsh nights of slavery and conquest and the promise that a bright morning will come. It’s a profound and powerful day. Today and every day, we are our country final. We must strive to ensure that we fulfill the promise of equality for all, “he said. Said On Twitter.

Prior to Biden’s signing of the law, Juneteenth was recognized as a ritual or state holiday in 48 states and Washington, according to USA Today. The history of Texas liberation is best known, but events in other watersheds in the history of liberation occurred on and around June 19, 1865.

Steve Williams, Head of the National Juneteenth Observance Foundation, said the first known June 16th commemorative ceremony began in 1866 and spread throughout the United States as African Americans moved to the new city of USA Today. .. report..

African Americans are happy to have a federal holiday on June 16, but many say much more is needed to combat systematic racism. .. Republican states have signed or are considering bills that specifically claim to limit voters’ voting rights.

Meanwhile, legislation enacting police reforms to strengthen voting rights and follow the killing of George Floyd and the death of other African-Americans by police has stagnated in Congress. Juneteenth’s federal approval is being given as Republican executives across the United States try to ban school education.Critical race theory, The history of slavery, the ongoing impact of institutional racism.

“That’s great, but it’s not enough,” said Gwen Grant, chairman of the Urban League in Kansas City. “We need Congress to protect our voting rights, and that needs to happen now so that we won’t retreat any further.

“That’s the most important thing Congress can tackle at the moment.”

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The United States will meet to mark June 16 after recognizing it as a federal holiday | US News

Source link The United States will meet to mark June 16 after recognizing it as a federal holiday | US News

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