The US government has always given Native Hawaiians live deals.It’s still | Hawaii

SMore than 650,000 people have been in Hawaii since it was reopened as a visitor in October 2020 flied To the island. After arrival A few Tourists are vaccinated in front of locals Pacific Islands It is unbalanced due to the influence of Covid-19. Despite the influx, visitor numbers are still lower than normal, and the state’s economy, which is overly dependent on tourism and military spending, is in turmoil.

This is the colonial treatment that Native Hawaiians have endured since the establishment of the Kingdom of Hawaii Government. Illegal capsizing In 1893 the Hawaiian Islands Illegal annexation By the United States in 1898.

Biden administration Ready Resolve this issue by acknowledging the Native Hawaiians government to the federal government in a process similar to that of Native American tribes. Rebuilding intergovernmental relations with the United States is admired as a way to protect Native Hawaiians qualifications, programs, and services.

At first glance, it may sound like a positive step. However, federal approval could be the last nail in Hawaii’s sovereign casket. for that reason, Resolutely opposed Most Native Hawaiians have earned a Monica called “Fed Wreck.”

There is history here. In 2014, the Ministry of Interior proposed rules to rebuild intergovernmental relations with Native Hawaiians. Twenty public conferences continued across Hawaii and India to seek feedback.According to one SurveyThe overwhelming majority of Native Hawaiians (more than 95%) opposed the prospect of the US government approving the new Native Hawaiians government.

As Ka’iulani Ravel testimony On Kapaa, Kauai: “We don’t have to be recognized by you. We know who we are.”

Maui Kahului, Tisha-Marie Kekum-Bee Tea Declaration: “I can never give back to me what I never gave up … Take what you want to give us and throw it in the trash. We don’t want it. We are sovereign. I have.”

Even under President Barack Obama’s administration, born in Hawaii, the US government did not seem to be particularly interested in hearing the opinions of the community. Two years later, the Ministry of Interior announced the revised rules Federal regulation Therefore, Native Hawaiian entities can apply for recognition as autonomy.

It will be a symbolic form of autonomy that can cover up the original crimes of government and land seizure.

The new Native Hawaiians government does not have land-based, territorial jurisdiction, and is not eligible to trust land. The only possible land is Kahoolawe. bombing Unexploded ordnance was still on the ground for 50 years by the US Navy.

In fact, federal approval has the effect of officially transferring authority to the United States for the first time on more than about 2 million acres of state-owned land stolen from the Kingdom of Hawaii and Native Hawaiians.

There is some good news. Joe Biden has nominated Deb Haaland, a tribal citizen of Laguna Pueblo and a US House of Representatives in New Mexico, as Secretary of the Interior. If confirmed, Girlfriend Surprisingly, you will be the first indigenous woman to be appointed to the position of Executive Branch. She will also be the first indigenous people to lead the Ministry of Interior. The Home Office manages public lands, state-owned forests, and relationships between the US and federal-recognized tribal states, the Alaska Natives. And Native Hawaiians.

Native Hawaiians are cautiously optimistic that Deb Haaland, unlike his predecessors, will listen to the Native Hawaiian community as well as officials elected from the state of Hawaii.

The situation in the US Congress is not promising. The Democratic-controlled US Congress appears ready to complete a colonial settlement.Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz now Chairman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, and at his first meeting Discussion About federal approval. His position was previously held by Native Hawaiian Senator Daniel Kahikina when he was advocating the Hawaiian Indigenous Government Restructuring Act.The native Hawaiian government has suggested that it can be done, as it was called adjust US participation in the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom government.

Democrats largely support federal approval as a settlement of past harm in Hawaii, but Republicans complain that Native Hawaiians are not Native Hawaiians and therefore are not eligible for tribal rule. .. Question “Are you a Hawaiian Indian?Is still being debated, frustrating conservatives and liberals alike, but nevertheless reveals the manipulation of Indian Federation law and policy in the ongoing process of resolving Hawaii’s ownership by the United States. I am.

The thief returns to the crime scene for forgiveness, but refuses to return what he stole.

Recently elected Native Hawaiian U.S. representative Kai Kahele, Senator SchatzSupports federal approval, despite opposition from his own community. Congressman Kahere is in court from Congressman Deb Haaland. commitment Address Native Hawaiian Issues at Senate Confirmation Hearing – Take Over Her Seat as Co-Chair of Congress’s Native American Caucus.With the attitude of Schatz and Kahere, the political situation Aging For a new bill to come true.

The US government has always given Native Hawaiians live deals.It’s still | Hawaii

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