The US is approaching clearing booster shots for Moderna and J & J Covid this week

Anjali Sundararaman, a student nurse at San Francisco State University, will give Cuixia Xu the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine on Monday, February 2, at a vaccination clinic at the Southeast Health Center in the Bayview Hunters Point district of San Francisco, California. August 8, 2021.

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Millions of Americans are one step closer to receiving Covid-19 booster shots this Thursday and Friday as the Food and Drug Administration’s key advisory board discusses additional doses. Modana When Johnson & Johnson vaccination.

The FDA’s Vaccine and Related Biopharmaceutical Advisory Board meeting will meet in less than a month from US regulatory agencies. approved Covid booster shot Pfizer When BioNTech A vaccine for a wide range of Americans, including those who work or live in high-risk environments such as the elderly, adults with underlying illness, health and grocery workers.

As of Saturday, more than 7 million Americans have been boosted in the United States, according to the latest data available from the CDC.

Members of an independent committee of the FDA and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said they were dissatisfied at the time. Pfizer recipients only Excluding the millions of Americans who have taken Moderna or J & J shots, they are eligible to take additional shots.

The FDA Advisory Group is scheduled for Thursday to discuss data on the safety and effectiveness of Moderna booster shots for adults. On Friday, the committee is expected to discuss J & J booster shots for adults. The FDA can make a final decision within days of the meeting and hand it over to the CDC and its Vaccine Advisory Board to make its own decision.

The CDC’s next Vaccine Advisory Council will be scheduled from October 20th to October 21st to discuss boosters.

The FDA meeting takes place after the average daily Covid case in the United States. Below 100,000 last week With over 56% of the population fully immunized against the virus, pandemics show signs of mitigation. According to health experts, vaccination, receiving booster shots, and avoiding large gatherings are important ways to mitigate the spikes that can occur during the holidays.

The Biden administration wants to continue to ensure long-term and lasting protection against severe illness, hospitalization and death as the fast-moving delta variant spreads by increasing the population of the United States.

This tension has led to a surge in hospitalization in the United States, primarily among unvaccinated individuals. Still, according to data compiled by the CDC, some vaccinated Americans suffer from so-called breakthrough infections, with just over 19,000 (less than 1%) hospitalized in Covid as of September 20. Or dead.

“Even in Delta, current vaccines are quite tolerant of hospitalization and serious illness,” said Norman Baylor, a former director of the FDA’s vaccine office. “I’m concerned about infectious diseases.”

Last month, Moderna reported that a third injection, half the dose used for the first two jabs, was safe and resulted in a stronger immune response than was seen after the second dose in a phase 3 clinical trial. Said that.

J & J said last month that a second dose of a single dose vaccine was safe, and when given two months after the first dose in the United States, the defense against symptomatic infections improved from about 70% to 94%. Said.

In a telephone interview, Baylor said the FDA could approve Moderna and J & J booster shots on the same basis as Pfizer, or change course to increase the number of Americans eligible to receive additional shots. rice field.

“The question is, does everyone need a booster now?” Said Baylor, now president of the Biologics Consulting Group.

According to Baylor, committee members need to discuss whether J & J recipients are safe and effective at receiving a second dose. He added that he expects it to be okay to approve a third dose of Moderna’s vaccine because it uses the mRNA technology that was also used to develop Pfizer’s vaccine.

“If I had been in the FDA in my previous position, I probably wouldn’t have taken Moderna to the advisory board because I was in the same class as Pfizer,” he said.

Dr. Isaac Bogoch, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Toronto, said government communications on Pfizer’s booster shots were already confusing and “extremely damaging” to the general public.

“From the outside, it looks a bit free to everyone,” Bogotti said. “For example, there is loose guidance in the United States, but basically anyone goes to a pharmacy to get a booster shot and what I’m smoking, obese, or a healthcare professional. It seems that you know. “”

The US is approaching clearing booster shots for Moderna and J & J Covid this week

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