The US vaccination war is a headache that business owners can do without it.US SMEs

NSThere are many vaccines here, but after all, not everyone wants to be vaccinated. And those who for some reason choose not to do so are causing headaches for the owners of countless small businesses across the country trying to recover from what was one of the worst years ever.

And now the situation is getting worse.

New York City now requires vaccinations for customers entering indoor venues such as restaurants and gyms, forcing restaurant owners and their employees to act as vaccine police officers. “Why do I need a vaccination certificate to stay out of the crowded buses and subways to exercise and eat?” Says Tyler Hollinger, owner of Festivál Cafe in Manhattan. Business insider..

But it’s not just the owners who are worried. The reaction from customers and potential customers was extreme. To put it calmly.

For example, Kathryn Kulczyk, co-owner of The Alembic, San Francisco.. Kulczyk made the serious mistake of telling the customer that vaccination evidence must be presented in order to be provided. This is a feature that Yelp has added for companies that want to include this requirement in their list. The response was brutal.

“People called us Nazis,” she said. The Wall Street Journal. “We said we helped the devil because we wanted proof of vaccination.”

In Salt Lake City, the bar was “bombed on an angry phone” After the announcement Some angry callers say the vaccination policy violates the US Constitution. “You don’t have the right to demand it,” the bar owner now told the bar owner. “This is America. I feel sick.”

Market watch Report The owners of the gastropub were on the other side of Twitter’s remarks from Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene because of their policy of requiring them to provide proof of vaccination. “This is called racism,” Green wrote about small business owners. “Test everyone at the door for influenza, streptococcal pharyngitis, gastric bugs, colds, meningitis, AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, hepatitis A, hepatitis C, staff infections, athletes mosquito? [sic] Feet, pink eyes, croup, bronchitis, ringworm, scabies, or other infectious diseases? “

Some Florida restaurants that do not like to serve unvaccinated people place employees in an uncomfortable position to seek vaccination status without the need for evidence prohibited by state law. I am forced to put it. “I think people will probably answer honestly with a 95% chance,” said one owner. Tampa Bay Times. “Why do you lie about trivial things like restaurant reservations?” So why are you in this position?

And even if the number of restaurants is increasing in the following cities Boston When Philadelphia While we do ourselves to request vaccination proof from our customers, other companies take the opposite position. Basilico’s Pasta E Vino, a restaurant in Pasadena, California, Proof required Of being Unvaccinated To be offered.

Do business owners now have to participate in vaccination wars above all, as if running a business is not so difficult? I’m with those Chicago business owners: it’s exhausted.

Not being vaccinated also affects SMEs in other ways. The longer people are unprotected, the more opportunity we have to find virus-friendly hosts and create more variants that can turn into bigger problems. As the number of cases and hospitalizations increases, people become scared and hinder a complete economic recovery. The unemployment rate remains higher than normal. SMEs, which account for half of the country’s GDP and employ more than half of its workers, are suffering.

If you don’t want to be vaccinated, it’s up to you. Got a jab. But you have the right not to do so. But be aware that your decision is really hard for small businesses across the country who are already struggling. Also, if you have the right not to be vaccinated, restaurants and other facilities also have the right not to provide services because you have not been vaccinated. Do not punish these business owners and their employees for bad Yelp reviews and abusive behavior just because you disagree.

The US vaccination war is a headache that business owners can do without it.US SMEs

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