The verdict on 3 new Atlanta restaurants: Dash & Chutney, Kinship Butcher & Sundry, and Yao Atlanta – Atlanta, Georgia

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Dash & chutney

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Dash & chutney
Throughout 2021, Chattahoochee Food Works will be filled with various vendors, with visitors from Thai comfort food (TydeTate Kitchen), Vietnamese sandwiches (Bánh Mì Station), Argentine empanadas (Belén de la Cruz) — and much more. , Packed in a warehouse-like space for the new ChattahoocheeWorks Adaptive Youth Complex. The story of the developers involved in such a project may be less than clarification, but here’s a straight dope: Imagine a luxury shopping center. Did you take it? That is the work. Now imagine the gorgeous food court (with bar!) Attached to the mall.that is Chatafuchi Food Works..

What is the adaptive use answer to the chewy pretzels and groupie cheese sauces that haunted American shopping malls last year? I nominate a Samosa chart. This is a beloved Indian street food with chickpea curry on top of flaky samosas. Snacks, spicy, vibrant and available in quality with Chef Parak Patel’s new addition to CFW, Dash & Chutney. Sprinkled with pomegranate seeds and gently sour with mango powder, the Samosa Chart (pictured left, mango rassi) is one of the hilarious menus of vegan Indian street food, including sloppy Joe-style pub babies and fakes. Two entries. Chicken curry and Mumbai-style grilled vegetable sandwich. Born in India, Patel moved to Atlanta as a kid, made a name for himself in New York, and appeared in various Food Network shows (her chicken curry, Defeat Bobby Flay). She was planning a restaurant in Hudson Yards, New York. When the pandemic polluted everything and Patel began to rethink things and returned to Atlanta, these new, extravagant funds were one of the Instagram-friendly developments. Manhattan’s loss is our interest. 1235 Chatafuchi Avenue, Underwood Hills

Kinship Butcher & miscellaneous goods
Like Kirkwood’s perfection Evergreen Butcher + Baker, This cute little storefront is a hybrid, butcher shop, and some. Some of the evergreens are primarily related to flour (among the best breads and pastries in Atlanta), and Kinship puts caffeine in the front and center. On the right side of the store is Academy Coffee, whose star barista Conan Moody brews flat-white Hercules Hercules-like drinks with laurel leaves and olive oil. Conan is the brother of Chef Miles Moody, a disciple of Lynton Hopkins, who has a kinship with his wife Rachel Puck. The pair organized a limited but thoughtful selection of groceries (mustard and sauces, pickles, premium salt, fresh produce), natural wines, and fresh meat and cheese from local producers. Also? Sandwiches such as bacon, homemade sausages, local eggs, cheese and a great breakfast sandwich with arugula are served in Vivian Lee’s airy milk pan, which also offers several other pastries. (Under the name Leftie Lee’s, she will soon open her place at Avondale Estates.) Moody and Puck once turned to restaurants, but the pandemic reduced their plans. The model they finally completed is, like any other region, a welcome addition to VaHi. 1019 Virginia Avenue, Virginia Highland, 404-343-4374

Yao Atlanta
“Yao” comes from Yao Warat Road, a major drug that runs through Bangkok’s Chinatown district. New restaurants in Jakkrit Tuanphakdee and Adidsara Weerasin, A couple who opened a fantastic thing Tampokupoku On the Buford Highway earlier this year. The place is attractively cluttered with Thai bric-a-brac. It aims for a similar aesthetic, but there is no more colorful decoration than a bland, high-ceilinged, empty burger in the building where the restaurant is located. The menu is also full of some kind of winding suburban flashy atmosphere. The menu includes familiar favorites (crab wontons, pot stickers), complete wildcards (truffle palmezan chips?), And unique Thai and Chinese recipes that represent great expectations. Like Khao Mungai, a pouched chicken dish associated with Hainan chicken rice, this restaurant’s food loved the ginger green sauce spun on the edge of the plate, but vacuum cooked here for no apparent reason. It’s a law. The crab fried rice is muddy, and on a recent visit, most of the ingredients promised in Yao’s “special” duck salad (pomegranate seeds, pine nuts, celery) are completely absent, and a few under seafood sauce. A duck was swimming. A confusingly large green mountain. $ 26. Cocktails are also quite expensive, but quite good. Hopefully the food will catch up quickly. 237 Perimeter Center Parkway, Dunwoody, 770-557-0353

appear: Cajun Asian Food Truck
Tuan Nguyen called after an extratropical cyclone stormed in August. He was heading home for help. Nguyen grew up there, using $ 2,000 raised in Atlanta to buy supplies for delivery to Houma, Louisiana, partly from food truck sales. Nguyen says the Vietnamese population in and around New Orleans has created a culinary “match in heaven.” Vietnamese food already has a prominent French element due to colonialism. In the Delta, it mixes well with the French-style Creole esophagus. Vietnam’s love for herbs and spices, on the other hand, complements local influences in Africa and the Caribbean, such as cinnamon, cloves and chili. Yes, Nguyen puts out a gumbo.

But he also does kimchi fries, lobster rolls with yuzu aioli, and great shrimp po’boys with chili mayonnaise and ginger vinaigrette. (Also: Great French Fries.) Classic-trained chef Nguyen, who cooked in the South City Kitchen and Noble Fins, launched on his own in 2019, regularly around the town, often in the northern suburbs. I will appear.Find him in Instagram, Or via a calendar for the next date

This article appeared in the November 2021 issue.

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