The verdict on 5 new (or revamped) Atlanta restaurants: Hippin Hops, 8Arm, Poco Loco, Tiny Lou’s, and Karv Kitchen – Atlanta, Georgia

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Hippin hop “The Boss” oysters topped with cheesy garlic butter and Cajun shrimp

Photo by Martha Williams

Hippin hop
On a sunny Sunday afternoon, friends gather at a picnic table on the sidewalk or play in the cornhole on the patio, while DJs open a stylish and cozy hippin hop (front door facing Glenwood Avenue). I was playing the music of a new brewery). I felt better when I returned to the cozy neighborhood hangout, and even better after drinking a few glasses of fine beer from the brewery. There are six types of menus that the bartenders have amiably guided customers to. Saison-style Beer Saigon had a delicate and fresh taste, and the IPA called Baby Mama Drama was not strong and fruity (although if you like fruity, this is offered in pineapple). Beer is the main focus here, but the Southern-style menu (Cajun spiced shrimp-topped grilled oysters, lobster and waffles, gator bites, book shrimp po’boys, etc.) is perfectly solid. (If it costs a bit: expect to pay $ 6 on the side of the unobtrusive french fries with that sandwich.) Hippin Hop, founded by the couple duo Clarence and Donica Boston, is the first black-owned The brewery in Georgia is betting its claims as a brick and mortar, but fortunately, only that era is counted as such a facility. Atlantucky Brewing, a member of Nappy Roots, was founded this year at Castleberry Hill. Boston is already expanding and is scheduled for East Lake and Stone Mountain. 1308 Glenwood Avenue, East Atlanta Village, 678-713-2739

Tiny Loose
This spring, a fresh look appeared in the kitchen of Tiny Lou’s, a dimly lit fashionable restaurant under Hotel Clermon. Under previous control Pastry chef Claudia Martinez was acclaimed for her “Ode to Blondie”.— The person performing at the Claremont Lounge — I’m very happy to report Her successor, Charmant Wear, In favor of the dancer’s good name, and some. Now called Hello Blondie, the dessert in its current form is entirely banana. Specifically, it’s a banana blondie hiding under a creamy layer of hazelnut praline and caramelized namelaca (a type of white chocolate ganache). The menu balance by executive chef John Novak (formerly Deputy Chef of Napa Valley Restaurant Torque) is a French bistro favorite (which fans of steak frit and delicious burgers will find here) and others like chicken. It consists of advanced preparation. duo “: The skin of one leg is lacquered into a rich lacquer by confit and covered with beautiful slabs of potatoes and sous-chef. The menu changes from season to season, but a recent highlight is the picked mushroom risotto. , Asparagus poached egg and lamp pistou, spring vegetables and slab vinaigrette salad. 789 Ponce de Leon Avenue, Poncey Highland, 470-485-0085

8 arms
8Arm has been deliciously reborn as a Japanese izakaya under the new chef Hiro Endo.

Photo by Martha Williams

8 arms
Like a cicada on a 17-year schedule, she strips off her young exoskeleton and sets out to find her companion. 8Arm occasionally experiences significant molting.Closed in April Departure of esoteric chef Maricella Vega, 8Arm appeared in a whole new look a few weeks later and was reconstructed into a Japanese tavern style by owners Nhan Le and Skip Engelbrecht. It’s a vega plant-oriented, locally rooted but far-flung flavored world from world-class cuisine, but it’s not a bad thing.With Hiroshi Endo (Izakaya Izakaya Ginza) Chef de Cuisine Allen Sue The perfect rendition of Japanese street food, such as the sticky octopus spheres of octopus spheres decorated with umami-rich f-sections and Kewpie mayonnaise, and custom orders such as fermented chili paste and spicy tuna rolls with pumpkin oil. We offer both goods. Cucumber and slightly brown sugar. It has a charming taste like vegetables and candy. The delicately flavored chilled vegetable ramen is especially spotlighted during the midsummer season, and the rest of the menu’s small plate dishes (nori salad, sweet and smoky skewers, lots of sushi) are well worth visiting repeatedly. You may be wondering about one aspect of that menu: the only way to see it is to scan the QR code. This is a trend in the dining world that seems unnecessarily exclusive (like a restaurant’s cashless policy). What about diners who don’t have a smartphone ?? —And the killer of the mood: At least you should have the option of cleaning up your phone at dinner, especially at dinner. 710 Ponce de Leon Avenue, Virginia Highland, 470-875-5856

Poco Loco
The genius was trained in the inevitable fire, and the past year was trained in the oven. Nick MelvinIt is also the home of Lake Claire. Melvin, co-founder of Doux South Pickles, quit his job at Fox Bros. Bar-BQ when the pandemic broke out. Selling burritos for breakfast on the drivewayHe has gained more and more fans in the future by extending Poco Loco to the takeaway counter in the old Dish Dive space opposite East Lake MARTA. The distances may vary, but Melvin got the perfect setup. Here’s how it works. This will give you a very good Tex-Mex style burrito. The crunchy handmade flour tortillas are filled with flavorful fillings such as roasted pork shoulder meat with Akiote, bacon-simmered beans at Pine Street Market, and cauliflower “chorizo”. Then you will receive the second burrito, the third, fourth, and fifth burritos. These burritos are frozen so you can heat them at home whenever you want. Then select a grocery item from the cold case. There are ever-changing options such as green chili pork, beans, salsa and chimichurri pints, and homemade tortillas. Many restaurants embarked on a grab and go during the pandemic, but the simplified menu Melvin has collected here is irresistible. Check out the weekly menu online and consider pre-ordering. Currently, Poco Loco is only open from Thursday to Saturday. 2233 College Avenue, Kirkwood, no phone

Culve kitchen
Every spring Atlanta’s Papadopoulos celebrates a big Greek EasterWith locally famous blow-offs, including music, ouzo, and egg hunts. And what is important for our purpose here is the fff feast of skewered roasted animals, among other specialties. Shortly after Easter 2021, family (owning Athens pizza in Decatur) Brought those meats to the masses at Karv KitchenOffers a casual version of roast beast made by chef Sandy Papadopoulos at the annual Cindig. It is adjacent to Five Guy on the ground floor of apartment development overlooking the bustling Peach Tree Boulevard. Needless to say, the food is brighter than the place. Just as Chipotle has burritos and bowls, the basic unit here is either a “carb”, that is, rice, french fries, or a wrap or “stack” on top of a potato. This is the first choice for some diners. Then select a “flavor profile” that combines meat (rotisserie chicken or pork, slowly cooked lamb, short ribs) with a variety of ingredients, sauces and garnishes. Since I can only do it, the route that uses the most french fries is “Greco”. I had fluffy pita stuffed with hand-cut french fries, super-soft chicken thighs, pickled vegetables, mustard, and a rich, spicy zajiki sauce on top of rice. Not only are there meatless options available, but there are also rich and thoughtful ones. For example, corn and avocado salads include sheep milk cheese kefalo chili and zucchini and eggplant tempura chips. There is no ouzo, but there is beer. 5126 Peachtree Boulevard, Suite 200B, Chamblee, 770-710-0119

This article appeared in the July 2021 issue.

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