The video contains threats from a Haitian gang killing a kidnapped U.S. missionary

Haitian gang leader threatens to kill 17 members of a group of Christian missionaries in the United States Being held hostage In a lawless Caribbean country.In a video posted on social media Thursday, the man believed to be the leader of the “400 Mazowo” gang, in his group, is one Canadian, including 16 Americans and 5 children. Say to shoot a person Demand a $ 1 million ransom for each The hostages are not satisfied.

CBS News has not independently confirmed the authenticity of the video, but Reuters said US State Department officials called it “legal.” The voice of the man speaking in the video is similar to that of gang leader Wilson Joseph.

The gang kidnapped a missionary near an orphanage last Saturday and immediately demanded a $ 17 million ransom.

Ohio-based group Christian Aid Ministries, to which the kidnapped missionaries belong, said in a statement Thursday that he knew a video that “looks like a member of a gangster suspected of kidnapping our staff.” Stated.

Haitian gang wants $ 17 million for kidnapped m …


“I understand that US law enforcement agencies and Haiti are also aware. Video until those directly involved in the release of the hostages determine that the comments do not jeopardize the safety and well-being of staff. I will not comment on my family. “

According to Christian organizations, detained adults are 18 to 48 years old and children are 8 months to 15 years old.

As CBS News correspondent Manuel Boyorquez reported this week, poverty fueled by natural disasters, political instability and corruption has completely disrupted Haiti, criminal groups are rampant on the streets, and foreigners and Haiti. Both people routinely kidnap for ransom purposes.

The inhabitants of the capital, Port-au-Prince, are always in fear. A man told Boyorquez that he was “afraid of his life,” but he had no choice but to go to work to support his family.

Haitian gangs reportedly want $ 17 million


One 29-year-old married father, Charles Joel, told CBS News that he wouldn’t let the gang work as a driver without paying a blackmail fee. He is one of a small army of delivery drivers who deliver urgently needed food, medicine and other items from the Central Warehouse of Food for the Poor. All drivers have told CBS News that they are feeling a constant threat from the gang.

Anxiety is also affecting international groups seeking assistance to desperate Haiti people, such as international medical bailouts and Doctors Without Borders, where ambulances are being attacked and threatening healthcare workers. ..

“The situation is getting worse … but there is no way for Doctors Without Borders to consider leaving the country,” said Thierry Gofor, head of the group’s mission.

The FBI has a team on-site in Port-au-Prince and works closely with Haitian authorities to ensure the safe release of missionaries.

The video contains threats from a Haitian gang killing a kidnapped U.S. missionary

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