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Albuquerque, New Mexico (KRQE) – An Albuquerque woman with a history of taking a break for her many car theft convictions, currently trying to find a way out of her latest charges. She casts doubt on the credibility of the two Albuquerque police officers in her case.

Last October, Jennifer Kristensen Arrested after escaping from allegedly Albuquerque Police Station In a stolen car. According to court documents, Kristensen and another woman eventually abandoned the car and ran until the sheriff’s agent allegedly found her on drugs.

Christensen has also been involved in the incident since 2016. Surveillance footage shows an Albuquerque fire brigade chasing her while trying to steal a car from the fire department. According to police, she used a stolen truck to plunge into the chief’s car near station 9. She reportedly hurt the firefighters in the process, but the crew caught up with her.

She was given a judicial transaction and sentenced to only six months in prison.

Then, in 2019, he was caught in a stolen car at a gas station. Her charges were dismissed because police officers did not appear in court.

Her lawyer is now questioning the credibility of police officers in her current case. The Albuquerque police officers involved were both charged with DWI during off-hours.

Rio Rancho police arrested APD Officer Fouad CherairAfter his silver Ford Mustang collided with a curb near the West Side and Answer, they suffered.

board member Donald Correia arrested after ATV crash The police say he injured his wife.

Kristensen argued that “the guilty or innocence of the October indictment depends on the credibility of the police officers involved in the investigation,” and called for revealing an internal investigation of the two police officers.

The nation is fighting back. Just days after its submission, Kristensen was charged with a grand jury in a car theft case in October and now includes a drug claim.

“Our office succeeded in prosecuting Jennifer Kristensen for receiving or transferring stolen or car vehicles, possessing regulated materials, and reckless driving in front of a grand jury on Friday, September 10. We are in the process of prosecuting this case and, like any other case, will address any motions or issues that arise, “the district jury said in an email.

KRQE News 13 asked APD if Cherair and Correia were still suspended, and if their credibility was questioned but unanswered and they were concerned about all cases.

Theft suspect questions APD officers’ creditability Source link Theft suspect questions APD officers’ creditability

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