Theranos Whistle-Blower Erika Cheung concludes testimony at Elizabeth Holmes trial

San Jose, CA — Erica Chan, whistleblower Elizabeth Holmes fraud trialThe founder of the failed blood test startup Theranos concludes Her testimony On Friday, the company said it prioritized speed over blood test accuracy and answered hours of questions from defense agencies.

In a three-day testimony, Cheung, a former Theranos employee, elaborated on how some of the processes the company used to perform blood tests were problematic. Defenders tried to show that Theranos’s procedure was rigorous and complex, but Cheung said on Friday that testing as soon as possible was a priority and often failed machine quality control checks. Said.

Cheung said Theranos blood tests might have been cheaper than other tests, but that didn’t mean “people should be given false information about their health.”

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Cheung was a prominent federal witness trying to claim that Holmes deliberately misleaded investors, doctors and patients about how well Theranos’ blood testing technology worked. Once a Silicon Valley success story, the company collapsed in 2018 with illustrious star Holmes. Holmes, 37, has been acquitted in the face of 12 wire frauds and plots of fraud attempts.

After working as a lab assistant at Theranos for several months in 2013 and 2014, Cheung reported a lab test issue to a federal agent in 2015 after the company removed outliers in the data this week. The device has passed the quality control test. She said her concerns began about a month after her employment.

During the interrogation, Holmes’ lawyer, Lance Wade, asked Chan about the processes, procedures, and organizational chart of Theranos’ lab. The obvious point was to show that the inaccurate lab results issue raised by Cheung applies to only one small area of ​​the company.

Cheung replied faithfully, recalling Theranos’ procedures and tissue structure, but argued that the blood tester always needed to be recalibrated and the quality check failed. She said it could take several days to recalibrate the machine.

“Some people were sleeping in the car because it took too long,” she said.

On Friday, Mr. Wade also asked Mr. Chan about the 2015 letter he received from then-Theranos lawyer David Boyes. In the letter Chan said earlier in his testimony, Boyes threatened to file a proceeding against The Wall Street Journal reporter John Kaleiro and Theranos for discussing them. Exposure Company test questions for the year.

Wade said he had received two calls from Theranos’s director of human resources before he received the letter from Boyes, but did not return them.

Cheung later said he didn’t answer the phone because he wasn’t working at Theranos and because the “fear” of the HR manager’s voice reminded her of how scary she was at the company.

“I had the right not to talk to them,” said Chan.

Theranos Whistle-Blower Erika Cheung concludes testimony at Elizabeth Holmes trial

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