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WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – They are there for us soon, but now the therapy dog ​​needs his own help.

For more than a decade, Spork has been the ear and symbol of Kimi Anderson’s support.

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“I was one step away from having to go into suicide surveillance for something, and the spokes were the ones who got me back because he blames me. He gave me everything I should be. Will do it, “Anderson said.

Anderson knows what it’s like to lose some of his freedom at the age of 12 after being paralyzed from the waist down by a road rage shooting.

“Spork is very important to me because there are so many debris in my body and there are multiple chronic illnesses I have dealt with,” Anderson said.

The Beagle Hound mix, Spork, has been your best sprout for over a decade.

“He still gives me hope on bad days and keeps me moving,” Anderson said.

But now Spork is getting harder and harder to walk around the block and needs additional support.

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“The spokes are entering the area of ​​paralysis much slower than I am,” Anderson said.

Spork has I VDD. This is a degenerative disc disease that causes paralysis of the back and eventually to the lower back and hind legs.

“Spokes are what I have. Spokes and our walks are what I have, so if I can maintain this, I would like to maintain it,” Anderson said.

“I want to cry. It only broke my heart when I saw the spokes just fall, unable to walk and fall,” said Anderson’s neighbor Brooke Julian. ..

Neighbors like Julian are stepping up to help Anderson raise money GoFundMe To get his own wheelchair and his own harness on the spokes, given that Anderson is using a lender.

“You know it’s hard for her to bend over and pick him up. You know it’s hard enough for you to walk around, let alone a handicapped person who needs a wheelchair now. So does dogs, “says Julian.

You share words of encouragement with the spokes and hope that the sense of freedom associated with the wheelchair will bring the spokes back to his feet.

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“I want him to be in charge of his body, even if he’s not literally half in charge,” Anderson said.

Therapy Dog For Woman In Wheelchair Now Needs Wheelchair Of His Own – CBS Sacramento Source link Therapy Dog For Woman In Wheelchair Now Needs Wheelchair Of His Own – CBS Sacramento

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