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It’s impossible for the Celtics to hire him, right?

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The first important job for Brad Stevens’ new job is to hire a replacement as head coach.

If Stevens is hired correctly, his choice is enough to make the new president of Celtics’ basketball operations look wise as an executive, but not completely overlooked on the bench. Challenge.

Stevens, who had never had an ego noticeable during the eight seasons in Boston, thinks he can accept it as long as he makes the right choice for what the Celtics need now.

So far, little is known about potential candidates, but there seem to be several attractive options. Chauncey Billups (Clippers) and Sam Cassell (Sixers) are both reputable assistants who have won the championship as players and need to be considered.

Former Celtics assistant and now Duke’s female coach Kara Lawson will be a great candidate if you’re interested. Spurs’ longtime assistant Becky Hammon has a job as head coach. Ready to be the ultimate successor to Gregg Popovich in San Antonio, if not late.

The relics of Jay Larranaga, Jerome Allen, and Stevens staff are all worthy of an interview. As frustrating as last season, at least Billups and Lawson are far ahead of them as priorities. It should be, but continuity may not be as bad an option as it has been.

For basketball reasons, cultural reasons, especially image reasons, there is only one name floating around the NBA rumors.

If Stevens hired Jason Kidd as the next Celtics head coach, my reputation for him would plummet like Kemba Walker’s trade value.

A few hours after the amazing news that Danny Ainge retired after spending 18 seasons at the Celtics front office and Stevens took over his duties was reported a week ago, a Yahoo! Sports NBA reporter said. Kid and former Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce tweeted that they were “expected” to be candidates to fill the Celtics vacancies.

Haynes is a plug-in reporter, and it’s not an easy task when Adrian Wojnarowski and Sham’s Charania are fighting for a scoop. But I must immediately admit that I’ve dismissed Kid’s side as a whisper from an agenda source rather than a real possibility.

It’s impossible for the Celtics to hire him, right? Kid was a really great player, inducted into the Hall of Fame with 10 All-Stars, and even 48 years old was probably the best Celtics playmaker of the season.

But his genius on the court is not a bystander. After a blockbuster deal with the Celtics, he was 44-38 in a season with Nets in the 2013-14 season, featuring Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Joe Johnson. The group started the season from 9-19.

After losing a power struggle with general manager Billy King, he began talking about his coaching work with Bucks and was eventually sent to Bucks for a second round of nominations before the 2014-15 season. It was. Kid spent his moment at Bucks – Jeannis Untent Kumpo developed on his watch – but he was fired in the middle of the fourth season.

His record in Milwaukee was 139 wins and 152 losses, and he was eliminated twice in the first round. The last two seasons have been spent as assistants to Frank Vogel and LeBron James at the Lakers.

There is evidence that he is not a good head coach. There is plenty of other evidence that he is not a good person. Some anecdotes are trivial on their own. A feud with teammate Jimmy Jackson, who disbanded the promising Mavericks team in the early 90’s. When he was a Nets player in 2004, he infuriated coach Byron Scott in front of the team. In 2007, he went on a “strike” with a migraine and was forced to trade from Nets to the Mavericks. In 2013. He refused to make a verbal agreement with the Mavericks to join the Knicks. He negotiated a Bucks coaching job when he was still in Nets, and Bucks had a contracted coach.

(I’m excluding the infamous “Soda Gate” case. In 2007, he told one of the Bucks players to deliberately rush to him to spill a drink on his cup. Spilled. Allowed a virtual timeout, even if Kid and Bucks had no leftovers.

Taken together, these incidents need to be paused at least as to whether the organization wants to influence the young players of Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and the Celtics. It’s worth remembering that Kid’s coaching debut in Nets in 2013 was delayed by two games after being suspended after pleading guilty to drunk driving for a misdemeanor that summer.

And that’s not the worst. far cry. While playing for Nets in January 2001, Kid was arrested for hitting the mouth of his then-wife Joumana. He pleaded guilty to spouse abuse, was fined $ 200, and had to take an anger management class. Kidd filed for divorce in 2007 and accused his wife of domestic violence. She began to abuse her before he got married, assaulted her during pregnancy, kicked her in her stomach to bleed her urine, and over the years with multiple objects, including rocks and cookies. He argued that he had hit her.

The good news should not be given to Celtics fans about Kid’s arrest in the 2001 NBA Playoffs. It’s not surprising to Celtics management, even if the organization is under another ownership. Brutal details about his career can be found quickly on a Google search. Twenty years after being arrested for spousal abuse, he defends female coaches, even if he is a better man, and recognizes that a good coach is a good coach, regardless of gender or pronoun. Why does Stevens think about getting involved with him?

I’m still skeptical if they really are. However, it seems that it is possible than it was a week ago. Blazers superstar Damian Lillard recently said he hopes Kid or Billups will replace Terry Stotts, who left the team after losing to the Nuggets in the first round.

Kidd strangely quickly withdrew his name from consideration in Portland. Does that mean he’s thinking of another job? Bucks made Mike Budenholzer before the series with Nets ended. Assuming not to fire Budenholzer, the only vacancies currently available are Orlando and Boston, which just opened on Monday.

Again, I can’t imagine the Celtics hiring a kid. Even if they thought Lillard and such wild deals would be easier. But when the Celtics decide to bring an outside candidate to the interview, I exhale about it. There are better candidates than Kid, and many more.

There are better candidates to be the Celtics’ next coach than Jason Kidd Source link There are better candidates to be the Celtics’ next coach than Jason Kidd

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