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Vaccine passports may allow the owner to enter a venue such as a crowded concert, or to a foreign country that requires proof of vaccination in addition to a visa and a valid internal passport. (Photo: New York)

Millions of Americans are vaccinated COVID-19 There is heated debate every day — do these people need proof of vaccination in the form of vaccine passports?

Like a national passport, a vaccine passport may allow the owner to enter a venue such as a crowded concert, or a foreign country that requires a visa and a valid national passport as well as proof of vaccination. there is.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vaccination card is not exactly the same as a vaccine passport. They are a record of when and which vaccine a person received, but they can be easily forged.

What exactly is a vaccine passport?

Vaccine passports only prove that a person has been vaccinated against Covid-19. For those who do not have a smartphone, it can also be in the form of a smartphone app or a written certificate.

Some health professionals claim that evidence of such vaccination could be a ticket to return to normal. Being able to attend crowded concerts and ball games can reward vaccinated people and give them the peace of mind that their neighbors are also vaccinated. This will make the crowded areas safer.

New York was the first state to issue a digital vaccine passport using IBM’s Excelsior Pass app, which displays a personalized QR code to check vaccine status. The state tested the app last month in a Brooklyn Nets basketball game and a New York Rangers hockey game.

But critics point out Privacy issues Excessive by the authorities.

The governors of Florida and Texas have signed an executive order banning vaccine passports.Florida Governor Ron de Santis signed last week Executive order This prohibits government agencies from issuing them and companies from requesting customers from them.

He quoted the issue of personal freedom and privacy.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed an order this week banning state agencies from demanding vaccines for any service.

“The government should not require Texan to show evidence of vaccination and reveal personal health information solely for the purpose of living a daily life,” Abbott said. Video posted on Twitter..

Who will issue a vaccine passport?

There is a lot of debate and debate about passports, but no one has issued a passport yet. Available to vaccinated residents in New York.

Biden administration Vaccine certification criteria, White House spokesman Jen Psaki said Tuesday that the federal government would not issue vaccine passports.

“The government does not currently support and will not support systems that require Americans to carry their credentials,” Pusaki said at a news conference. “There is no federal immunization database, and there is no federal obligation to require everyone to have a single vaccination credential.”

The· Vaccination Qualification Initiative A coalition of technology and healthcare companies, including Microsoft and the Mayo Clinic, was established solely to initiate some sort of validation process.

“VCI’s vision is to allow individuals to obtain an encrypted digital copy of their vaccination credentials and store them in a digital wallet of their choice,” the group announced in a January news release. did. “People who do not have a smartphone can receive a piece of paper printed with a QR code that contains W3C verifiable credentials.”

Whether you like it or not, anyone who wants to travel abroad may need a vaccine passport immediately to enter a particular country. Alternatively, it may help avoid quarantine after arrival.

Israel has already enacted a vaccine passport, which allows owners to go to restaurants and gyms.

The UK and the European Union are considering vaccine passports, Recent articles The New England Journal of Medicine, Australia, Denmark and Sweden are “working on implementation”.

“Travel eligibility has been the main focus so far, but the use of passports to regulate access to social and recreational gatherings, workplaces or schools seems imminent. For example, the Israeli Green Pass. Allows access to restricted locations such as hotels, gyms, restaurants, theaters and music venues, and New York’s Excelsior Pass allows participation in theaters, arenas, event venues and large weddings. I will. In the article.

Advantages and disadvantages of vaccine passports

The pros and cons of requesting a vaccine passport were encapsulated by Florida business owners and business owners whose passports are banned.

Rocco Mangel, who owns Rocco’s Tacos and Tequila Bar at Delray Beach, said he was vaccinated and wanted others to be vaccinated, but proof of vaccination to enter the restaurant. Is required. I told CNN.

“I think you actually have people who are offended, and there will be recognition that we are trying to rule them,” Mangel said.

However, Judy Risi, CEO of the Straz Performing Arts Center in Tampa, Florida, said the governor’s ban could have a negative impact on the business.

“When we think of mass gathering locations such as theaters, stadiums and arenas, we sit next to each other,” says Lisi. “So it’s really important to have a vaccine program as an option for our guests and our artists.”

Critics of vaccination certificates cite privacy issues as saying, “Do people have the right to be safe? If you have been vaccinated, others are also vaccinated. Do you have the right to know that you are? “

There’s a lot of debate about vaccine passports right now. What are they, and how would they work? Source link There’s a lot of debate about vaccine passports right now. What are they, and how would they work?

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