These are the most influential EVs of the moment

Recently it has become like a mantra to me, but it doesn’t make it that true. It looks like this: Electric cars aren’t coming, they’re already here. And, depending on who you ask, they were here – they’re just not mainstream yet. With the dawn of Rivian R1T (The first full-size electric pickup that began mass production earlier this monthBut many will make you believe that it is set to change. I happen to be one of them.

The US light truck market is unimaginably huge. Imagine that 14.5 million new cars were sold in the United States. 11 million were light trucks.. So it doesn’t seem fair to call an electric truck a “big deal.” In terms of recruitment in the mass market, it’s a deal. Still, such development is not the only deal. Just as Dodge Viper was built to sell neon instead of selling viper, this vague thing we call “influence” has a lot more than just a glance.

So, starting with the biggest, worst, and most daring market competitor, the Ford F-150 Lightning, rather than the Rivian R1T, I would like to share my view of today’s most influential EVs. Electric pickup.

Ford F-150 Lightning

Rivian is certainly neat. It seems competent, looks good, and is backed by Jeff Bezos’ own strong purse. That’s all true, but the people behind Rivian are only dreaming of getting closer to the success of the Ford F-Series truck, yet they only do so in their most secret and private way of thinking. The Ford F-Series is the most successful product in American automotive history and has been the top selling spot almost every year since its launch. according to Detroit Free Press, The F-series generated about $ 42 billion ( NS), This was more than the revenue of the National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, and National Hockey League. Join 2019 (the last year of data that may be considered “normal”).

I wrote “all by itself” Freepe Phoebe Wall Howard, “The F-series full-size pickup truck franchise within Ford Motor Company is so large that it is on the list of Fortune 100 companies.”

If you’re wondering, the F Series will sit at 80NS The list is ahead of industry icons such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Mastercard, Netflix, Visa, Uber and Capital One. That’s – it’s a lot, and what the continued success of Ford’s full-size pickups means for Ford, as well as the UAW workers who assemble it, the suppliers who make the parts for it, and the politicians who do so. It’s impossible to exaggerate Do anything to get their vote.

All that means that Ford isn’t going to make a mistake in Lightning. You can already see the evidence in the fact that their first hybrid F-series did not treat electrification as a means of greenwashing their most important products, But as a way to make it better, more capable, and better suited to the needs of the people who buy it today..Ford meets end users where they are, in other words, some PowerBoost buyers are driving trucks home They may not even notice that they are hybrids..

When you think of it New F-150 Lightning In terms of specs, it’s very likely that you’ll be able to match your toes with Rivian. Start at about $ 30,000 cheaper than the R1T Launch EditionIt’s hard to oppose Ford coming forward … and anyone who wins the electric truck war will win 100 percent of the competition to bring EV to mainstream America, but Ford It was Elon Musk in the first place, who needed someone else to make the leap into electricity.

Tesla Model S

You can’t talk about electric cars without mentioning Tesla. Anyway, it wasn’t reliable, and the sacred shit made a reliable product on the Model S.

When the Model S debuted in 2012, it seemed easy to dismiss.It was expensive, crudely built, delayed over and over again, and was touted by a PayPal guy who somehow seemed to have more hair now He is more than in his twenties.

Anyway, that’s what it looked like to me. At that time, I didn’t think much about musk or Model S. Above all, the focus was on the Nissan GT-R and its VR38TT engine. We went out to the Milan Dragway and tried to dial a particularly stubborn 2014 R35 (2014 had different firmware and was initially difficult to tune properly), And generally have a good time.. There was also Model S there. The owner kicked it out to the truck and checked some of the other cars out there for a while before deciding to try his car on the truck.

I don’t remember the exact time he ran, but I know our jaws have fallen. It’s true that I’ve seen Tesla drag race other cars on YouTube, but it’s completely different to see this silent killer pulling down the pass with just the sound of the tires. Then he smiled, waved, and went home.

After that, we quietly sat on the trailer. A few minutes later, Tim Switzer (Jr.) started asking about the electric hub motor and talked about putting it in the front wheel, but nothing happened except for the sketch of the napkin. It was the day I became a believer. I felt that electricity is the future and that it will only make cars faster.Most of the time they have, and they like the company Lucido When Kia Since then, Tesla has followed in the footsteps of the Model S by making dragstrip prowess an important element of the EV marketing story, and Tesla did it first.

And if you want someone to think of your car as fast as in 2021. Must line up with Tesla, Sooner or later.

Chevrolet Volt

There are many ways to influence the market rather than dominate it. And, frankly, sometimes you have to look in the mirror and realize that the purpose of life may serve as a warning to others. At least for Chevrolet Bolt, it’s starting to look like it might be.

I’ve heard that Chevy Bolt claims to be an example of GM’s procurement and supply line strength, rather than a fully devised product, but it’s hard to argue with this. So I can’t name a single GM hatchback that I can consider a success in the market in my lifetime, but is it Bolt? A car that was seen in response to the highly advertised Tesla Model 3 and proved to everyone on Wall Street that GM had a head in the game? They decided to make it a hatchback.

Despite the efforts of its huge public relations department and the marketing power of about 3000 nationwide Chevrolet dealers From its launch in 2017 to the end of 2020, GM sold less than 80,000 bolts (110,000 worldwide) in the United States... In contrast, Tesla sells over 1 million Model 3 sedans worldwide – And it’s a higher price tag than the Chevy, and especially Without it Dedicated PR department, zero dealer, And that fact sedan It doesn’t illuminate the showroom floor exactly these days...

Then a fire broke out. Of course not many (Only 13, Last count). At least there isn’t enough fire. Really worries people who realize that sitting on a 30-gallon flammable liquid is not statistically safer than sitting on a semi-explosive battery – But we don’t seem to be that many, right?

To make matters worse, if GM’s massive battery recall is perceived as the centerpiece of the EV industry as a whole, Even worse for bolt owners.. Anecdotally, I’ve heard about charging stations and parking lots that have a sign that says “No Chevrolet Bolt”., And I’ve heard dealers say they don’t accept or receive bolts in transactions, but they’re thousands of dollars less than the “book value.”

Electric car buyers will rethink before buying an EV from GM in the future. It will certainly hurt Chevy dealers. But as EVs hit the market, Cadillac, GMC and Buick dealers will also be hurt. ..You can be confident that Ford, Stellantis, Toyota, Honda, and literally everyone else in the industry are watching carefully. As GM’s ongoing Bolt disaster unfolds in real time And they are certain to take action to ensure that it does not happen to them.

There is no more influence.

Honorable Mention – Live Wire One

I know that motorcycles generally don’t work well with TTAC, but ask me. The entire automotive industry is currently paying attention to what is happening with Harley-Davidson and Livewire. If not, you are late. ..

Originally launched in 2019 as a Harley-Davidson, Livewire is a mid-priced UJM-style motorcycle, and the Motor Company has made HD “core buyers” a modern, sporty, and potentially collectible motorcycle (and). , Yes – for Harley, $ 30,000 is a medium price). That wasn’t what happened.

Almost immediately, the majority of HD “core buyers” responded negatively to the bike. I heard several leather gentlemen calling it “socialist bullshit” and “gay” and vowed never to buy a new Harley from a Livewire dealer. was Livewire dealer!To make matters worse, we also signed on to carry the Motor Company’s next line of electric bikes and scooters, and I could only imagine what those guys would say. that..

Eventually, Harley-Davidson became the new CEO and immediately split the company into three parts. Harley-Davidson for “traditional” ICE motorcycles, serial 1 for electronic bicycles and scooters, and live wire for high bikes. Powered electric motorcycle. In doing so, they began to effectively write the Harley-Davidson inscription. After 2035, Harley with ICE will no longer be available for sale in ZEV. And the number of ZEV states continues to grow..

To put it bluntly, there is no car company without sales.

Why should we care about the four-wheeled universe? This question of how to present an electric vehicle is a problem that car companies are struggling with. So there is a Polestar 1 instead of a Volvo C90 T8 recharge. That’s why there are electric crossovers with Mustang nameplates...So there is electricity GMC Hummer is coming, that too, And why reviving the Saturn brand is a real option now being discussed in Rensen’s quiet glass corner...

It’s a mistake to think that all legacy car brands will go through the transition from oil to electric fuel, and it may not matter how good their products are or how the brands are established. .. The story they have told may not be the story that needs to be told in the electrified future. That’s what every car maker has to find early, not later.

[Image: Ford, Tesla, Chevrolet]

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These are the most influential EVs of the moment

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