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(NEXSTAR) – Do you live in a nightmare landscape infested with mice?

If you live in a big city, the answer is probably yes.But it’s quite possible that you don’t live in that country many A nightmare landscape of rat infestation — at least according to a survey by a national pest control company.

This week, Orkin released the 2021 list of “Most Noisy Cities” in the United States. It ranks 50th in the busiest metropolitan area in the United States in last year’s Number of New Rodent Treatments. Specifically, Orkin studied new rodent treatments performed in both residential and commercial establishments between September 15, 2020 and September 15, 2021.

To win the top spot in 2021 and maintain that winning streak Chicago, The city considered by Orkin to be the “most latticed” in the country for seven consecutive years.

Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC and San Francisco have closed the top five, which has remained unchanged since the 2020 list. Meanwhile, Baltimore moved up two places to # 6, knocking down Detroit to # 8 and overtaking Philadelphia. Philadelphia’s ranking has been stable at # 7 since 2020.

The top “most rat-rich cities” in 2021 haven’t changed much, but many cities at the bottom of the list, like so many mice in their nests, slip or get caught in each other. Was there. Most notably, Portland, Maine has risen 26 spots to 38th place, making its first appearance in the Top 50 since Orkin began ranking.

Orkin states that the behavior of the rat itself is also unpredictable, partly as a result of the COVID shutdown.

“The closure of the restaurant due to the pandemic has forced rodents to find new food sources,” he said. Press release Published by Orkin this week. “Without food waste to consume, these pests have been seen cleaning new areas and exhibiting anomalous or aggressive behavior.”

The company also urged homeowners and apartment residents to be vigilant about the rodent epidemic.

“After a year of depletion of resources, residential areas provide an ideal habitat for rodents, and once established, they can breed quickly and in large numbers,” said Orkin’s entomologist Ben.・ Hottel says. Press release.

Below is a complete list of Orkin’s “Most Dangerous Cities”. A plus (+) or minus (-) sign indicates a change from last year’s list.

  1. Chicago
  2. Los Angeles
  3. New York
  4. Washington DC
  5. San Francisco
  6. Baltimore (+2)
  7. Philadelphia
  8. Detroit (-2)
  9. Denver
  10. Cleveland (+1)
  11. Seattle (+1)
  12. Minneapolis (-2)
  13. Boston
  14. Indianapolis (+1)
  15. Atlanta (-1)
  16. Pittsburgh (+2)
  17. San Diego (+2)
  18. Houston (-1)
  19. Cincinnati (+3)
  20. Dallas (-4)
  21. Hartford, Connecticut. (+6)
  22. Milwaukee (+2)
  23. Miami (-3)
  24. Portland, Oregon (-1)
  25. Kansas City (+5)
  26. Columbus, Ohio. (+2)
  27. Norfolk, Virginia. (-2)
  28. Richmond, Virginia. (+5)
  29. Sacramento (+7)
  30. St. Louis (+7)
  31. Albany, NY (+7)
  32. Grand Rapids (-3)
  33. New Orleans (-12)
  34. Flint, Michigan. (+8)
  35. Raleigh, NC (-9)
  36. Nashville (-2)
  37. Champaign, Illinois (+2)
  38. Portland, Maine (+26)
  39. Burlington, Burlington. (+8)
  40. Louisville, Kentucky. (+13)
  41. Buffalo, New York
  42. Charlotte (-11)
  43. Phoenix (-11)
  44. Greenville, South Carolina (-9)
  45. Green bay
  46. Syracuse (-2)
  47. Charleston, West Virginia (+4)
  48. Dayton (+1)
  49. Albuquerque (-1)
  50. Tampa (-9)

More information on discouraging the presence of rodents can be found at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention..

These are the ‘rattiest’ cities in the US, according to national pest-control company Source link These are the ‘rattiest’ cities in the US, according to national pest-control company

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