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Rumors have swirled that the Outer Banks stars Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes have split, but Ross Butler has set a record for his relationship with Madelyn.

Ross Butler I’ve ended all speculation about my relationship with him Madelyn Cline.. When asked if “something” is happening Outer Banks Star, Ross said TMZ, “Well, no, she’s just a friend.”

When the actor got into his car, the reporter said people were “guessing” because he saw people dancing together. Ross had the answer. “I dance with a lot of people,” he said.

Ross Butler and Madelyn Cline were seen hanging out in Milan. (Broadimage / Chelsea Lauren / Shutterstock)

In September 2021, Ross and Madeline I found them dancing together At a restaurant in Milan. They were also filmed together during the Salvatore Ferragamo show. Ross also posted an Instagram photo featuring Madeline, Doja Cat, When Amelie Gilber..

NS 13 reasons Alum was asked again if something was happening in Madeline, and Ross did not hesitate. “No, just a friend,” he said.

About Madeline status Chase StokesRoss, who has been dating since 2020, does not know what the state of their relationship is. “Well, I honestly don’t know. I just met …” he said. TMZ..

Rumors circulate around Madeline and Chase, who play Sarah and John B in the hit Netflix series. Outer Banks, Split. Couple Not seen publicly together for months. Madeline and Chase have not publicly commented on the state of their relationship.

When Chase turned 29 on September 16, Madeline sent him a birthday message in her Instagram story. “Happy birthday, geek,” she wrote. Chase posted a series of photos on his Instagram to commemorate his birthday. It also includes a photo of Madeline with her dog.

Outer Banks
Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes in the “Outer Banks” scene. (Netflix)

Chase and Madeline meet, fell in love With a set of Outer Banks, Was first released in April 2020. Published in Romance in June 2020. The second season of the series debuted in July 2021. A Third season Not announced yet.

They are not dating & “just friends” – Hollywood Life

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