They beat law enforcement with ‘Blue Lives Matter’ flags – Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida 2021-02-22 20:58:16 –

Officer Harry Dunn gave a cool explanation in an interview about the January 6 riots. ABC news It aired on Monday. Dan talked about how a crowd of supporters of President Donald Trump seized the US Capitol in an attempt to confuse the counting of electors.

The riots killed police officers in the Capitol and injured 140 other police officers. The day after the attack on January 6, two more Capitol police officers committed suicide.

Dan spoke only for himself, saying the policeman had been beaten with the “Blue Lives Matter” flag. The Blue Lives Matter slogan has recently been adopted by law enforcement supporters and as a counter-argument to the Black Lives Matter movement, which has rallyed to eradicate racism from the police.

“I was called [N-word] Dozens of times today to protect this building, “Dan said. “Is this America? They hit police officers with the BlueLivesMatter flag. They fought us. They had the Confederate flag in the US Capitol.”

Last week, Parliamentary police said in a statement to Scripps that 35 officers were being investigated for the actions of the Capitol during the riots, six of whom were paid suspensions. Some police officers may have acted improperly during the riots given suspension, but Dan spoke of his colleague’s heroic behavior. One of the people Dan mentioned was Officer Eugene Goodman. Eugene Goodman kept the riots away from the Senate and helped Senator Mitt Romney survive.

The Senate later voted to give Goodman the Order of Freedom of Parliament.

“There were dozens of Eugene Gudman that day,” Dan said. “Eugene was caught in the camera. It’s no surprise that he did the right thing, the brave thing, the heroic thing. There were a lot of Eugene Gudman who wasn’t caught in the camera that day … and I’m proud. I think. I will work with all of them. “

Due to the January 6 riots, Chair Nancy Pelosi proposes a “9/11 type committee” to investigate the causes of the Capitol rebellion and subsequent failures to protect the Capitol. became. An unprecedented security failure has resigned the head of the Capitol police, armed House guards, and all armed Senate guards.

Dan described the scene of the Capitol that shattered during the riots.

“Looking up this time, it’s just a cloud of smoke, and the fire extinguisher is off,” Dan said. “The floor is covered with white dust, water bottles, broken flagpoles, masks, empty canisters with pepper spray, helmets, playing card flags, everything in circular architecture, just lying on the floor.”

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They beat law enforcement with ‘Blue Lives Matter’ flags Source link They beat law enforcement with ‘Blue Lives Matter’ flags

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