They love Hugo and others love cars they hate

In the car Pantheon (think Edsel, Aztec, Pacer), which is considered an irreparable lemon, you are standing above or perhaps below all of them. Yugo.

Undoubtedly, no car is as malicious as the utilitarian Hugo. It was called “full and hard to see” and “bad car Mona Lisa” and was said to look like “assembled with a gun pointed at it”. In particular, the Yugoslav company that made the car, Zastava, also made the gun.

You might even say it’s a “thoroughly vulgar little car,” as Eric Peters did in his book “Car Cruelty,” but Jay, where keeps a little car. · Don’t leave it to the piercings Run and listen to you say it.

“This attack’comedy’starts with’The Tonight Show’and is a sick way to create people who cause financial damage to the network,” he said with uncontrollable disgust. “In this country, we really need a stricter slander law.”

Pierce is one of Hugo’s more aggressive fans, defending the car’s reputation with overprotective affection reserved for pet cats and three-legged dogs that are usually blind.

Valerie Hansen of Columbus, Ohio says he is restoring a rare 1984 model, the fourth Hugo, brought in by a Yugoslav expatriate. Its engine is even smaller than the 54 horsepower version imported by Yugo America.

Hansen said he was attracted to Hugo for two reasons. First, it speaks to the roots of her ancestor Balkan. Second, its mechanical simplicity means she can repair it herself. “You can fix the Hugo with a butter knife and a rubber band,” she said.

Hugo was talked about at a price of $ 3,990 ($ 9,900 in today’s dollar) when it launched in 1985, but it wasn’t always seen favorably. The competing Econobox included the Chevy Shevet listed for $ 5,645. The Ford Escort L is $ 6,327. Volkswagen Golf costs $ 7,190.

Reviews from the usually calm Consumer Reports talked about cruelty. The engine “difficult to climb the highway slopes in high gear and was nervous.” When accelerating, “It took 18.5 seconds to drive 0-60 mph.” Transmission? “The worst thing we’ve encountered in the last few years is easy.” The interior was “covered with a cloth that resembled a towel material.”

On the other hand, “It’s easy to turn on the high beam when you’re trying to signal a left turn.”

But initially, Yugo wasn’t short of buyers. “We did well,” said Steve Moskowitz, a dealer and now CEO of the Antique Automobile Club of America. “At first I was a little too good.”

It worked too well because the army of new owners discovered the problem before the dealer discovered it. For one thing, the car was shipped with spark plugs that are not suitable for American lead-free fuel.

“There were very few small bugs. The engine didn’t break down,” Moskowitz said. “It was a decent idea and a good buy for anyone looking for basic transportation.”

Other problems will occur. “Specific maintenance was needed,” he said. Yugo America Chat / Talk / Buy / Sell Facebook page. “It wasn’t like any other car.” Most notably, if the timing belt wasn’t serviced at 30,000 miles, the engine piston could hit the valve and break.

It’s hard to understand why everyone expected Hugo to be more than just valid. We used parts from Fiat, a mark of unreliability and reputation that the brand abandoned the United States in 1983. Fiat in Italy was said to stand for “Please fix it again, Tony”.

At the exit of Fiat, car entrepreneur Malcolm Bricklin saw a chance. Bricklin introduced the Subaru 360 “Ladybugs” to the United States. In 1969, Consumer Reports rated it as “unacceptable.” The ladybugs failed, but Subaru in the United States survived. In the mid 70’s he created the Bricklin SV-1. This is a sports car with seagull wings designed to give a feeling of Delorean. That also failed. This time he imported two Fiat sports cars, the X1 / 9 and 124 Spider, and re-badged the Bertone X1 / 9 and the Pininfarina 124 Spider. It did not solve the rust problem.

In Bricklin’s story, Pininfarina terminated his contract as part of a contract to make Arante Pininfarina for Cadillac, leaving one less car than he had promised the dealer. “So I left it to someone to find the cheapest car in the world,” he said in a 2013 panel discussion.

Found in Yugoslavia. Mr. Bricklin went there and remembered that he met “a junk factory that should have 50,000, 2,000, and 127 Communist unions.” “I said,’Oh, isn’t this interesting?'”

But Hugo will face a far more terrifying enemy than Communism: Jay Leno.

“I feel like Jay Leno personally killed the car,” Moskowitz said. “No one likes to own a car, which is a joke.”

It’s a loyal belief that the car would have done it without these jokes, a staple of The Tonight Show, a frequent guest host since the late 80’s. “Leno has done immense damage to my business and the owners of Hugo,” Pierce said.

“Yugo has a very clever anti-theft device,” said one Lenogag. “They made their name bigger.”

But it wasn’t just Mr. Reno (who didn’t respond to emails asking for comment). Car enthusiasts can still call gives like this: This is to keep your hands warm while you press. Or: “How do you double the value of Yugo? Fill the gas tank … If you want to keep the gas.” Movies like “Drowning Mona” and songs like “Ina Yugo” have become sports.

Hugo drivers rarely get angry. “We make jokes at our own expense,” Hansen said, but humor can be creepy.

When David Lang purchased the Hugo GVX in 2018, one of his goals was to drive it across the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan.

“People are like’Don’t cross the Mackinac Bridge!’, That was the first thing I did,” said Lang, who lives in Brown City, Michigan.

It happened to be the anniversary of the accident. People reacted as if he was jumping over a car on 19 fiery buses, he said. “I have done it twice now.”

Nick by Grave, an employee of Midwest Bayless Italian Auto, a parts supplier in Columbus, said: He found a moss-covered 1987 GVS that had been sitting in the field for 20 years, but it ran. When the moss died, it looked like a matte paint job.

“I’m not going to honk my horn, but I won Cars and Coffee every time,” Bygrave said of his regular meetings.

His strategy is to put Hugo next to the show’s most expensive cars, as he did at the 2018 Midwest Motor Vice Show. The car, “he said.

As the award-winning cars progressed, Bygrave’s $ 500 Yugo was a bargain, but sold cheaper. In 1986, Chicago’s Noce Cadillac purchased a hand-picked Cadillac and offered Yugo for free. According to a newspaper article, no one was taking Hugo.

When Kevin O’Callahan purchased 39 Yugos for his students at the School of Visual Arts in New York Turns into a sculptureThe highest price paid was $ 80. “A man drove it to my house,” he recalled. “I asked him what he wanted. He said:’I don’t want anything because of this junk. I just want to go home, not the car.”

Yugo is not included in the NADA or Kelly Blue Book online pricing guide, but can be found on the car auction website. Bring a trailer In 2016, we sold Yugo for $ 2,200. For $ 7,500 in AprilLong Island Hollywood Motors recently $ 6,450 at 1998 GV..

“This is … this is a very, very bad idea,” read the explanation. “But when it comes to bad ideas, it’s often much more fun than” good “or” safe “ideas. Buying Hugo suggests that it is equivalent to drinking a fiery tequila shot. The car is listed as sold.

For all of its many, many, and many shortcomings, owners say Yugo is less hassle and more attractive than commonly thought. I remember when Bygrave planned a trip from Ohio to New York, his boss, who owns a Yugo parts store, said to him, “I don’t think this is a good idea.” Bygrave left in the snowstorm, writing “NYC OR BUST” on the back window with a marker at the craft store.

Eleven hours later, “when I pulled to New York, people were screaming, a policeman’s car was sirening, and a dump truck man was filming us on the phone,” he said. “My cheeks hurt with a smile.”

In 1992, Hugo succumbed to multiple injuries by reviewers and comedians, reduced sales, emission standards and recalls due to bankruptcy. But until 1999, some argued that the car would come back when Yugoslavian public unrest subsided. “And NATO launched five missiles into the factory, but otherwise …” Bricklin said.

They love Hugo and others love cars they hate

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