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They shut off the power and used 0 kilowatts of electricity. The Entergy bill? $115.53. | News – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2022-07-11 19:00:00 –

After months of frustration with expensive electricity bills, Michael and Sarah Trahan decided to experiment.

They blocked the main breaker to the building of their property. The meter’s invoice arrived last week — using exactly 0 kilowatts of energy in June. Their bill? $ 115.53.

“We receive all these charges — service charges, charge charges, this charge, its charges, fee-fi-fo-fam charges,” said Michael Trahan.

Michael Trahan opens the door to one of his breaker boxes on Monday, July 11, 2022, in his business in Maurice, Louisiana.

The invoice paid in full in the previous month includes a breakdown of fees, fees and taxes totaling over $ 115 for June.

There is a $ 37 customer fee, a $ 20 demand fee, and a $ 3 Entergy fee. Then there’s an official $ 38 rate plan, a $ 3 municipal franchise fee, a $ 15 storm recovery fee, and a state excise tax of about $ 2.

Trahan brought his frustration to Facebook, where he shared a photo of his invoice. That post It has been shared more than 850 times since Thursday.

Michael Trahan tagged Entergy Louisiana in a social media post, but he said no one in the company contacted him about his concerns. Mr. Trahan said he received a quick response from the customer service manager after the journalist said he was investigating the issue.

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Entertainment spokesman David Freese said this “seems like a unique case,” including facility relocations and new accounts, but the company “takes all customer billing concerns seriously.” I have. “

When asked about concerns from other customers who commented on Trahan’s Facebook post, Freeze said how many increases in entertainment bills included rising natural gas costs, bad weather, and record energy usage. He said it could be due to that factor.

In April 2022, the cost of natural gas used to operate many power plants more than doubled from a year ago and tripled from two years ago. June 3rd letter Enterji Louisiana Vice President Yovanka Daniel sent to the customer.

“It’s important to note that entertainment cannot benefit from either the rise in natural gas prices raised by fuel adjustments or the cost of recovering from storms,” ​​Daniel wrote in a letter. “We will continue to do everything we can to help those suffering from these increases, with (Louisiana Public Services Commission) and our community partners.”


Michael Trahan stands at his office in Maurice, Louisiana, on Monday, July 11, 2022, near one of several utility meters and breaker boxes in his property.

Trahans has recorded all phone and direct interactions with Entertainment since October, when he purchased 9 meters of land in Maurice.

Since then, they have managed to shut off 4 meters after making multiple phone calls in the three months. As of Monday afternoon, they continued to try to shut off the three additional meters of the property.

“The biggest thing is that people have to make decisions now,” said Michael Trahan. “Are you paying for electricity, buying medicine? Are you paying for electricity, are you buying powdered milk? What are you paying now?”

They shut off the power and used 0 kilowatts of electricity. The Entergy bill? $115.53. | News Source link They shut off the power and used 0 kilowatts of electricity. The Entergy bill? $115.53. | News

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