They were on an equal footing. Then the ground shifted.

“You just had to scrape it off and digest it,” he said. “We are really struggling to get it right.”

But in Arnone’s other area of ​​housing valuation, her friends and colleagues are getting paid from the booming housing market. January sales up 23.7% year-on-year, According to the National Association of Real Estate Agents. Ultra-low mortgage rates have created a wave of refinancing that requires a new valuation.

“I don’t often complain,” said Tracy Warner, a friend and home appraiser for Arnone in Waldorf, Maryland, southern Washington. After her husband was fired from the sales position in April, Warner’s work regained slack.

Things aren’t perfect, but unlike Mr. Gallagher, she doesn’t feel like she’s barely hanging.

This contrast is reflected in the larger economy. Weekly unemployment claims by newly dismissed workers remain at historically high levels, even if the stock index hits record highs.

Vaccines have arrived, but due to their slow deployment, there are a number of businesses that rely on restaurants, hotels, gyms, airports, malls, and other gatherings before they can resume something similar to normal activity. It will take months.

“It’s very uneven,” said Gregory Dako, chief US economist at Oxford Economics, a forecasting and research group. “It will take years to recover the most vulnerable parts of the population.” He not only reduced wages and salaries in the most devastated segments of the workforce, but also participated in overall employment and workforce. Also said it would go down.

At the top, the profits are astounding. Eight months after the pandemic hit the United States, The wealth of about 650 billion people in the country has increased by $ 1 trillionAccording to a November study by the Institute of Policy and other progressive groups. This included a $ 70 billion rise against one of Amazon’s founders, Jeff Bezos.

They were on an equal footing. Then the ground shifted.

Source link They were on an equal footing. Then the ground shifted.

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