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64% of the companies that applied did not receive money from the Restaurant Revitalization Fund

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) —Although things are starting to recover, many restaurants are still struggling to recover after 16 months of hard work.

$ 28.6 billion Restaurant Revitalization Fund It’s gone and is distributed in restaurants all over the country. However, 64% of the restaurants that applied did not get anything.

That’s why Independent restaurant coalition We are urging lawmakers to provide more money. The IRC said the pandemic’s damage to the restaurant industry will continue for the next few years. Companies need money to survive, even though more people go out more.

Lively table catering and events In Portland, it was at least one of over 100,000 companies to get something. Owner Art Fortuna has applied for and received a $ 5 million grant. According to Fortuna, he lost 90% of his business when things went down in 2020, returning to only about 25% of what it was before the pandemic.

Art Fortuna, Portland’s Vibrant Catering and Event Owner, July 19, 2021 (KOIN)

Fortuna felt very lucky to be among the people who got the money and told me that without the money it would be much harder to recover. And he also said he felt for other businesses that didn’t get the money.

“This was a big blow. People don’t understand how big a blow it was for the industry as a whole, and we know it will take some time to recover,” Fortuna said.

According to IRC, about 100,000 restaurants nationwide have been closed from the pandemic. More restaurants will go bankrupt unless the Restaurant Revitalization Fund is replenished.

Things are more open, but restaurants still struggling Source link Things are more open, but restaurants still struggling

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