Things to keep in mind when expanding your business premises

Many UK businesses have been in survival mode over the last two years. The pandemic took a huge toll on the business industry and left many struggling to make ends meet. However, the restrictions have eased, and it’s time to move forward. You could expand your business premises this year and start a new chapter.

What can you gain from expanding your premises?

After a few years, many businesses look into moving to a new office or warehouse. You may have a larger team than before, needing more space to operate the business. It’s difficult to find the perfect office space for your team, and rent prices are skyrocketing. If you own your business premises, you could look into expanding instead. A commercial extension can give you the space to improve your business operations and team morale. Each department can have its own section and social space to network with other teams.

An extension can improve employee morale, overall productivity and hopefully staff turnover. People are far more likely to stay with your business when a fresh new office is available.

Will you need planning permissions?

You may need planning permission from your local authority if you plan to alter your premises. Usually, you need permission to change the external appearance of your office. You may need to alter the commercial classification of your business premises. More minor alterations rarely need permission.

You need to consider how your business impacts the surrounding community. You also need to think of how the expansion will affect other factors. For example, there may be more traffic and people visiting your premises or more noise for your neighbours.

Check-in with your local authority and share your plans for the premises with them. They can advise you and help you file a planning permission application if needed.

Other aspects to consider

Sit down and think about what you need from this extension. You’re about to spend a lot of money on your office, and you need to determine what you will get out of it. For example, your expansion may accommodate more storage space for stock and packaging. Or, you may need more space for your team to socialise and interact. Trendy offices can make a big difference to the culture of your business. Pendant light bulbs, fake grass and wooden furniture is bang on trend for UK offices.

Examine whether you can afford the extension and how it will impact your productivity. Your employees may struggle to work efficiently with all the renovation noise. Or, there may be a few days when your team can’t work because the office is being rearranged. Consider whether the expansion is worth losing a little income over a few days. You could apply for a business loan to fund the expansion and future of your company.

An expansion could be right what your business needs right now.

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