This Ford dealer usually stocks 1500 cars.Now they have 30

  • Is Shortage of semiconductor chips Due to electronics, there is a shortage of dealer cars and trucks ready for sale, and the best-selling car in the United States is Ford F-150 pickupWe have seen large-scale production delays or outages as well.
  • I looked up a lot of local Ford dealers and found out Varsity FordThere are only a few dozen new cars in a lot that usually has hundreds of cars in stock.
  • We also checked the parking lot near Ford’s Lawsonville factory in the suburbs of Detroit. Numerous F-150s and other vehicles are parked there, waiting for chips to come back.

    If you live in the Detroit metropolitan area like us, You may have noticed Ford recently decided to store a large number of apparently finished products F-150 truck In the parking lot In the cityBut go to a normally high-volume Ford dealer like Varsity Ford in Ann Arbor, Michigan. “Probably I overestimate,” said Max Stanford, assistant general manager at Varsity Ford this week.

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    A row of new trucks, which normally occupy space in vacant lots in Detroit, cannot go to dealers due to a lack of semiconductors that are essential to their business. The problem has been going on for months Affected production planning At almost every car manufacturer. In March, Ford decided to build the F-150 without unavailable chips and gradually ship the truck to dealers (and customers) when critical parts arrived. Before shipping to new owners.

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    According to Stanford, his dealers typically keep between 1300 and 1500 vehicles in stock. The storage facility, which normally stores about 1100 cars, is now completely empty, and new cars coming to dealers have already been talked about by customers who have chosen to order new cars to their specifications and wait for production. It has been. Rather than choosing from Varsity’s now very limited inventory of new cars. Stanford says pre-ordered cars are a priority on Ford’s production line.

    The shortage means that Varsity Ford is currently selling more cars on MSRP than usual, as Ford and other automakers have wiped out one model year’s inventory prior to the fall switch in the past. I can’t find the incentive program I used for. Instead, Ford offers incentives to leasing customers who have agreed to extend their contracts until the new car shortage is alleviated.

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    This is all good news for Varsity Ford’s used car business, but it’s a tough time for new car sales. “This is the hardest part,” says Stanford about the burden on his non-salary employees. But despite the difficulties, Stanford says salespeople are sticking to Varsity Ford. “As a salesperson, if you forget Ford and go for a Chrysler or Chevrolet, you’re in exactly the same situation.”

    There are some signs that the tip shortage will subside by the end of summer. General Motors said Production is expected to increase this week by July, and Stanford University is said to expect new inventories to begin to grow little by little by August. However, chip maker Intel May take years Before the semiconductor shortage is completely resolved.

    A vehicle parked at the Ford Lawsonville plant, about 20 miles from Varsity Ford.

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    These extreme shortages could have created tensions between Ford and its dealers or dealers and their customers. But Stanford wants Ford to reassess some of it, Just in time Manufacturing practices to fend off future crises have helped the company treat dealers properly and maintain communication during shortages. And the customers themselves are acting. The coronavirus pandemic “has slowed everyone down and made them more patient,” he says. “People are taking a step back. Even if I extend the lease for a few months, it’s not the end of the world.” And he says there are a lot of public road F-150s scattered throughout Detroit. Answer potential buyers to inquire about.

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This Ford dealer usually stocks 1500 cars.Now they have 30

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