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Former White House Chief of Staff Donald Trump was left speechless during the first half Tuesday Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimonyShe admitted to CNN that her testimony was a “bomb” that could have a significant impact on Trump.

Trump was already preparing for the day of explosive testimony from Hutchinson. Hutchinson had previously told the House Select Commission that the former president had approved a violent threatening riot against Vice President Mike Pence on January 6, 2021.

“This is a bomb. It’s great. It’s shocking. A story about the “beast” — There are no words. One Trump adviser said, referring to the president’s limousine.

“This depicts Trump being completely unhinged and completely losing all control. To his base, they consider him the person who is always in command. Will fly completely in the face of it, “the advisor added.

“No one has downplayed this,” said Trump’s adviser, who had a group text chat with several other Trump aides and allies during the hearing.

“For the first time since the hearing began, no one has rejected it,” the adviser said.

Another Trump ally told CNN that testimony from Hutchinson, a former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, would seal the fate of Meadows as the former president’s “persona non grata.”

“This is one of the reasons [Trump] I’m angry with Meadows. He had already been iced out, but now he’s a persona non grata, “said the person.

A surprising revelation from Hutchinson’s testimony about Trump’s volatile behavior and state of mind on January 6 could make it easier for Republican presidential candidates to challenge the former president at the Primary. Trump’s allies added.

“This is basically a campaign commercial for (Governor of Florida) Ron DeSantis 2024,” said Trump’s allies.

Trump claims he knows little about Hutchinson

Trump said on Tuesday that he “little knows,” as he often does with aides and allies who once were intimate but later turned his back on him.[s]Hutchinson personally rejected her request to join Mar-a-Lago’s post-presidential staff.

“When she requested to go to Florida with another particular person on my team after I served my full term, I personally declined her request,” Trump said of Hutchinson’s life. Said about the true society during his testimony.

Trump tried to throw Hutchinson’s testimony as revenge on Tuesday, claiming that she was “very angry and angry that I didn’t want her” at his Palm Beach dwelling.

The former president’s attempt to distance himself from Hutchinson, which he described as “bad news” on Tuesday, came after the Commission showed a rendering of the West Wing to show how close it was to the Oval Office as an assistant to Meadows. I did. Former White House aides also publicly assured Hutchinson’s proximity to Trump and his Chief of Staff before and during her appearance on Tuesday.

“People who downplay Cassidy Hutchinson’s role and her access in the West Wing don’t understand how Trump understands Trump. [White House] They are trying to work or damage her credibility because they are afraid of how terrible this testimony is, “said former White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Matthews. Tweet..

In response, one former White House aide said: And even if Trump didn’t know her name, he definitely knew her. She traveled on AF1 with Mark on every trip. In addition, the former aide said Tuesday’s testimony was crazy, but given what he knew after working at the White House, it was 100% believable. The most astonishing episode for some aides to date has been the Beast case, where Trump allegedly tried to rush the steering wheel to be driven to the Capitol on January 6.

Trump was nervous about his testimony

Mr. Trump had previously denied reports of Hutchinson’s leaked testimony and had never said, or even thought of, “Hang Mike Pence” on his Truth Social platform earlier this month. There is no such thing. “

“This is either a myth by someone who wants to be a star, or fake news!” He wrote at the time.

However, a person near Trump said he was nervous about Tuesday’s hearing, which features a live testimony from Hutchinson. Prior to the Commission’s announcement on Monday, the person said Trump felt victorious in a series of Supreme Court decisions to protect the right to hide guns and end the constitutional right to abortion. Stated.

“He definitely didn’t expect such a twist,” said a person near Trump.

The former president and his allies plan to cast Hutchinson as a junior aide who had little effect in the West Wing, despite being close to both the then president and the then chief of staff. There is. Hutchinson worked for the Legal Affairs Bureau before becoming a top aide to Meadows, was a witness to several important episodes until January 6, and witnessed some of Trump’s real-time reactions of the day.

Mr. Trump was particularly concerned about what Mr. Hutchinson could say about his state of mind and reaction to the January 6 riots, a second person near him said.

Vigilant meadows

Due to Hutchinson’s proximity to Meadows, the former White House Chief of Staff increased caution prior to Tuesday’s hearing.

Hatchson “operated like his executive assistant,” and her insights into his daily schedule, conversations, and interactions with Trump are unmatched with those familiar with their relationships. Said.

“I think the Commission has ignited Meadows so far, but today will be Meadows Day,” he said.

Meadows personally promoted Hutchinson from the White House legislature to the Westwing office. There, he said, “She was given a great deal of access and visibility” about Trump’s relationship with several Republicans.

A second person familiar with the matter received no support from Meadows as Hutchinson was involved in a committee investigation on January 6, but is in contact with other aides. Said.

Now Meadows and his allies are worried that he may come back to annoy him.

As they closely watched Tuesday’s hearing and confirmed the new information Hutchinson revealed in his oath testimony, Meadows specifically noted that her appearance could further strain her relationship with Trump. He said he was concerned.

Trump has personally complained to his allies over the last few months about the text message he handed over to the house panel before Meadows stopped working, and Meadows wrote a book about the fight against Trump’s Covid-19. It also contains amazing new details about the seriousness.

‘This is a bombshell’: Trump aides left speechless by Hutchinson testimony Source link ‘This is a bombshell’: Trump aides left speechless by Hutchinson testimony

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