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Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) —Federal court is holding an injunction to hold a hearing on Friday to determine the fate of Title 42.

This current health law prevents immigrants from claiming asylum at the US-Mexico border.

Former Trump administration enacted Title 42 Section 265 As a response to the pandemic, on March 20, 2020.

It was further supported Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

President Joe Biden continued this provision and has expelled 1.2 million potential asylum seekers since it began.

When asked about Title 42, which ends on Monday, May 23, Mayor Regina Romero said. MotherJones.com“This is not our first rodeo. I have seen this before. No matter what government existed, there were ups and downs.”

She also revealed that the White House had raised her head on Friday, April 1, before the CDC announced that it could withdraw title 42.

Mayor Romero says their early notice gave southern Arizona enough time to prepare for an increase in asylum seekers.

Chris Magnus, Secretary of the U.S. Customs and Border Security Bureau, chimed that the United States wanted to return to enforcement. Title 8..

“We believe that our agents are trained in our immigration law, Title 8, which we are accustomed to using and offer a variety of routes,” he said Thursday morning. “… and I think it really provides a better way to deal with the challenges we face at the border.”

Senator Kyrsten Cinema (D) also met and discussed with Mayor Yuma Doug Nichols.

“Arizona communities like Yuma continue to pay for the failure of the federal government at the border to keep the Arizona community safe while ensuring that migrants are treated fairly and humanely. We thank Mayor Nichols for his partnership to hold the government accountable, “she says. share.

Her stance hopes that the Biden administration will not end the expulsion of Title 42 until a complete evidence plan has been created.

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“This isn’t our first rodeo” Source link “This isn’t our first rodeo”

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