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Honolulu (KHON2) — Do you sleep in boots? Giant potato? Flying saucer? What else do I need to get on this list? Airbnb has announced a $ 10 million OMG! A fund that funds 100 of the crazy and most unique real estate ideas. The fund aims to enable everyone to build great ideas and share them with travelers around the world. For 100 people, their idea would be a real Airbnb list.

Christie Wolf, one of the members of the OMG jury! The fund knows one or two things about unique properties. She is the host of Hawaii’s most wishlisted stays.

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The 39-year-old host is originally from Idaho, but spends only about one-third of the year there. The rest of the time is dedicated to building unique Airbnb experiences in different parts of the United States. Wolf started hosting eight years ago and plans to complete its sixth property in the summer.

List of her treetop homes in Hawaii — “Dreamy tropical tree house— That was the first thing she made. The tree house is Hawaii’s most wishlisted stay, and the schedule to book it is already met that year. Wolf is recommended to book about 6 months in advance.

“I wasn’t sure if the tree house would succeed on Airbnb, but I thought about the worst case sensation. If not, there was a great villa for friends and family in Hawaii,” Wolfe said. I am saying.

When it became a pandemic, Wolf said it was scary for a few weeks. She never imagined a world where people couldn’t travel.

“My unit is really remote and in different states, so it’s a good place for people to stay safe, which made me overcome the pandemic,” Wolff said. “Hawaii shut down completely for about two years due to restrictions, but others were able to regain slack.

In addition to Hawaii’s arboreal house, Wolf has an underground hobbit hall property in Washington, a fire watch in Idaho, and a 6-ton potato in Boise. Yes, you read that right. click here To see her potato hotel.

“We have just completed a cocoon hut on the Oregon coast and plan to complete a shipwreck house this summer,” Wolff said.

She is excited to see the ideas that others have come up with for OMG! Funding her, some admit that she will probably be a little jealous.

“I see people’s originality and love the feeling when an idea is so good, but I know I never came up with it!” She said. “From the experience of working in so many types of construction and different environments, we also want to see a solid plan on how to actually do things.”

The application method is as follows.

  • Starting Wednesday, June 22nd, eligible applicants will be able to: click here Apply by submitting their crazy ideas, what makes them unique, and the inspiration behind them.
  • Winners will be selected by the creators of the 100th Anniversary style icons Iris Apfel, Airbnb Superhost, and OMG. List Koichi Takada Architects founders Christie Wolf, Koichi Takada, and Airbnb’s Vice President of Experience-based Creative Products, Bruce Bourne.
  • Applications will be accepted until 11:59 pm on July 22nd.
  • The 100 best ideas have been selected by the jury and will be announced this fall.

Last year, hosts with unique properties in Hawaii earned over $ 8 million on Airbnb, an increase of over 20% in 2019. Typical US hosts have increased by 85% from 2019 to over $ 13,800. Unique properties increased by more than 49% worldwide from 2019 to 2021.

“I’ve been building the Airbnb experience full-time for about eight years,” says Wolfe. “I didn’t come from money. For example, banks aren’t trying to give me money to a potato hotel. Slowly build a business from a successful rental and profit from the next build, etc. Passed on to. “

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This treehouse is the most wish-listed Airbnb in Hawaii Source link This treehouse is the most wish-listed Airbnb in Hawaii

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