This year’s Halloween party doesn’t make sense – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2020-10-29 15:06:39 –

Columbus, Ohio (WJW) – Governor of Ohio Mike DeWine again advised not to hold a Halloween party or social gathering at the Coronavirus press conference on Thursday.

According to the Ohio Public Health Advisory System, as we approach vacation, the state has 43 counties that meet very high exposure and spread indicators. According to CDC guidelines, the majority of counties in northeastern Ohio also have high rates of virus.

“Halloween parties are fun, but this year doesn’t make sense. Save until next year. That’s not what everyone wants to hear, but look, Thanksgiving must be different, Christmas is different It has to be something, “Dewin said.

The governor said it wasn’t just the COVID-19 hotspots that were at the beginning of the pandemic. Instead, according to DeWine, it’s ubiquitous and it’s moving at a fast pace. He said he had to slow it down by wearing a mask, maintaining social distance and washing his hands.

DeWine did not issue state-wide orders for Halloween or trick or treat. The decision was left to each municipality.

“You can’t be like a Halloween party. If you pay attention to how you get rid of it, we can do trick or treat carefully. We can do most things, but in the past You can’t do them the way you’ve always been to. “’s latest headline:

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