This year’s Halloween, people really have something to fear – Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts 2020-10-16 19:55:23 –

The mayor of Witch City is calling on people to stay away from this Halloween to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Somerville officials are also moving to stop trick or treat.

“This year is not the year to come to Salem,” Mayor Kim Driskol said at a press conference on Friday. “We can’t forgive the crowd we see.”

Famous for its 1692 witch trial, the city is a popular spot for everything on Halloween, and not everyone listens to the mayor’s advice.

“I think it was a city plan for most people in Massachusetts to come to Halloween, but it didn’t happen,” said the Ledger restaurant, which opened takeaway windows and tents to allow people to do so. General Manager Kelsey Tenore said. Eat outdoors to reduce your risk of getting the virus.

“Most of them came from outside the state,” said the tenor. “I think people will come regardless. I had a reservation last month or two months.”

Daniel Mates and her friends in Putnam County, West Virginia, had already booked flights and hotels before Mayor Salem began asking people to stay away from Halloween.

“So if we had canceled, we would have paid a lot of money,” Mates said, waiting to enter the Nightmare Gallery Monster Museum. “We just wanted a fun girl’s trip.”

John Denley, one of the owners of the witch mansion, replaced all his actors with animatronic witches, saying they would reduce the risk of being exposed to the virus. Some talk and others pop out to you.

“I understand the mayor’s position. She needs a difficult balance and I respect it,” Denley said. “The only thing is that 70% of our business will take place in October, and this year we’re definitely depressed despite all the safety measures we’ve taken.”

Starting Saturday, Salem officials will restrict access from the Peabody Essex Museum side, a pedestrian paradise on Essex Street, which is crowded with people this month. All tents in the mall will be banned and additional barricades will be installed to limit entry lines.

Meanwhile, Somerville officials have canceled the annual Haunted Hall event, blocked parties, limited rallies to 10, and urged people not to do trick-or-treat.

“Celebrating holidays and keeping traditions can boost your mental health, but it’s important that we all promise to do so safely,” said Doug Cress, Director of Summerville Health and Human Services. Told.

“The safest option is to always meet only with the people you live with,” he added. “But if you decide to go out, follow the CDC guidelines to reduce the risk of COVID-19, such as wearing a face cover, keeping a distance of 6 feet from others, and frequent hand washing and disinfection. Remember that only one person is infected to spread the disease to the group. “

Lowell, like Ayer, Leicester, Springfield and Worcester, bans door-to-door trick-or-treats. So far, it’s still allowed in Boston.

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