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Tampa, Florida 2021-10-22 16:07:32 –

The sun has just risen in the mountains surrounding Maple Hill Cemetery in Dorset, Vermont, and the tombstones here give warmth that can only be seen in late autumn.

Some of these tombs date back to the 1700s, many are covered in moss and worn, and are unreadable and unrecognizable to most people who come here to visit their loved ones.

However, in a quiet environment, you can hear the sound of scrubbing. Caitlin Abrams is just getting started.

“There is no shortcut to this,” Abrams said when he pumped up a small handheld pressure washer that he used to keep the marble stones wet.

Abrams is on a mission to restore old tombstones.

After scraping, she covers the tombstone with a restoration solution used by conservationists at Arlington National Cemetery. Her work effort often takes time to thank, as the cleaning solution slowly brightens over weeks to months.

“I like cleaning things you can’t read because you feel like you’re returning their name and part of their story to that person,” she said.

However, although she often goes to these graveyards alone, Abrams has a large number of supporters on the Internet.

This 35-year-old user, who once ridiculed TikTok, now has 1.8 million followers on the platform. She is known as “Manic Pixie Mama” and her videos are watched all over the world.

“The nature of [TikTok] The algorithm is that someone may come across my video even if they aren’t followers and may not be interested in tombstones, “she added.

But for Abrams, this is more than just cleaning up old tombstones. In each video, she tells a story about the life of a person cleaning a tombstone and brings them back to life for the first time in centuries.

Abrams, the mother of two young children, is drawn to the story of the children’s tombstones.

“It envisions the difficulties of life in the 19th and 18th centuries. For many families, one illness will wipe out all five children in days or weeks,” Abrams said. I did.

Abrams sees each TikTok video as an opportunity to teach the younger generation about the past.

“I feel like you’re giving them an aspect of history that you can’t get at school,” she said.

This young mom found fame on TikTok, by cleaning historic headstones Source link This young mom found fame on TikTok, by cleaning historic headstones

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