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Thomas Bruce sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to 2018 Catholic Supply store attack | St. Louis News Headlines – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-10-23 07:30:00 –

NS. Louis County ( Bruce has filed multiple accusations in a 2018 Catholic supply store attack.

Bruce was charged with one murder, sodomy, kidnapping, and other crimes in connection with the November 19, 2018 attack on West County’s Catholic Supply Store. He had previously acquitted the indictment.

When Bruce entered the courtroom of Judge Joseph S. Dueker on Friday afternoon, he was tied up with his hands and feet. The 56-year-old woman wore a light brown prison jumpsuit, glasses, and a white face mask. After the judge entered court, Bruce’s lawyer Mary Fox said her client wanted to withdraw his guilty plea and plead guilty to several charges.

A prosecutor’s team, led by St. Louis County prosecutor Wesliebel, told the judge that he had agreed to a judicial deal with Bruce. Judge Dueker asked Bruce, a prosecution and defense team, to approach his bench, where he asked Bruce a series of questions about his abilities and understanding of the judicial trade. He admitted that he had been diagnosed with “recently bipolar disorder” depression, but said he had never missed a drug and understood that he was guilty.

Judge Dueker sentenced Bruce to one murder, three counts of kidnapping, three counts of sodomy, and eight counts of armed criminal offenses for all charges pleaded guilty. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, 11 other life imprisonments, and four 15-year imprisonments without the possibility of parole.

The jury selection at the trial was scheduled to begin next week.

Judge Dueker sentenced Thomas Bruce to one murder, three counts of kidnapping, three counts of sodomy, and eight counts of armed criminal activity on all charges he pleaded guilty. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, 11 other life imprisonments, and four 15-year imprisonments without the possibility of parole.

State proceedings against Bruce

During the hearing, Bell outlined state evidence in the proceedings against Bruce. He said Bruce entered the Catholic supply store on 14069 Manchester Road on November 19 and pretended to be shopping. He brought the item to the cashier, then went outside and put the gun back inside. He then ordered two clerk and shopper Jamie Schmidt to go to the bathroom, where he forced them to undress and force him to sexually act. When 53-year-old Schmidt refused, he shot her head.

Bell said Bruce’s fingerprints had been removed from several items he brought to the cashier, including a box of Christmas cards. In addition, the state said there was ballistic and DNA evidence against the blues.

After the incident, police visited the area door-to-door in search of the suspect. Bruce was arrested on November 21, 2018, at his imperial home, 23 miles from a Catholic supplies store.

Victim testimony

During the hearing, the two survivors of the attack each talked about the crime and what happened at the store on November 19. The therapy dogs were on the floor next to them while they were speaking in court.

“I don’t know what Thomas Bruce’s goal for November 19th was. Frankly, I don’t care. He made the decision to change me,” said CC, then 20 years old. Said the victim called.

Prior to the crime, she said she was a full-time student with a relationship with a full-time job. She trusted people and remembered her love on the go. She said the idea that crime crippled her and left her home paralyzed her.

“Suddenly it wasn’t a fun fact to work in a Catholic supply store,” she said.

She said she couldn’t sleep because she was worried that Bruce might be there to kill her after the attack. She said she was still waiting for her life to return to normal.

High Ridge ( of people gathered at the High Ridge Church on Tuesday night and remembered …

The second victim, JR, spoke and remembered working for a Catholic supply store for 10 years and said they were a “family.” On the day of the attack, she said she was decorating Christmas, and an employee who was a high school student at the time left the store to pick up the yearbook. JR said he asked him to also receive his son’s yearbook from the school. And I am grateful that he had a reason to leave the store.

“Thanks to God. They didn’t have it or didn’t give it to him, it was horrible,” she said the employee couldn’t get her son’s yearbook. Told.

She said the day started normally, but it changed her forever. She remembered Bruce telling her and CC to go behind the store and take the customer to the store. She hesitated at first, but walked to Schmidt, who she didn’t know at the time, and asked her to come behind the store. She remembered asking Schmidt three times to chase her to the back of the store.

When Trio and Bruce arrived behind the store, JR said she had ordered the woman to be naked, and she replied, “Are you kidding me?” She said they thought he was just going to rob the store and leave.

JR then talked about how Bruce asked, “Who wants to be the savior of the world,” and she said, “I do,” because she wanted to do everything she could to protect the other two women. I answered. Bruce then undressed her, when sexual assault began.

JR recalled the conversation between Bruce and Schmidt before the deadly shooting. When Bruce said to her, “It’s your turn,” she said Schmidt was the only woman standing, and Schmidt replied “no.” , “please.”

“I saw Jamie fall,” she said. After the deadly shooting, JR said Bruce had ordered the women to “continue what we were doing until he was done.” Then he told them to lie on the floor for 20 seconds, and if he saw them in front of the store he would kill them.

After feeling Bruce gone, the women got up and asked for help. Both women said the incident changed them and made them feel dangerous. JR has revealed that she has health problems as a result of anxiety caused by the attack.

JR said, “There was a survivor guilt that Jamie died, it wasn’t me. What could I do to change the outcome?” She also thanked the counselor, her church, family and friends for their support during “this life change.” She had never owned or shot a gun before the incident, but JR said she now has two guns in her house.

JR doesn’t want Bruce to die, but she tells him he has no sympathy or feelings. She also revealed that Bruce had done so so that she couldn’t “knee in front of my Lord” because of what happened inside the store.

On Monday, the detective returned to the imperial home of the accused murderer Thomas Bruce, who is collecting more potential evidence.

Jamie Schmidt’s family deals with court

Jamie Schmidt’s brother-in-law, husband and son, addressed the court during a plea trial.

“This left a scar on our family that would never be healed,” said Tim Schmidt about his brother’s wife.

Tim Schmidt said he would never forget the moment he lived five hours away and his wife told him that Jamie Schmidt had been shot. He got into the car and remembered learning that Jamie Schmidt had died during a long drive.

“I forgive, and I pray that this man will find God, because if he does not find God, life in prison is nothing compared to what is in front of him. “He said.

Atlas, the son of Jamie Schmidt, said his mom was his “most intense supporter.” He told the court that he was Jamie Schmidt’s daughter for 16 years and her son for the last 6 years. He said he and his mom cried together at the moment his name was legally changed.

On the eve of the murder, Atlas hugged her mother “as usual,” but felt compelled to hug her again, but said, “This time it’s tighter.” The night I learned of the crime at the store, I remembered eating pizza with my sister and realized that my mother wouldn’t go home.

“My mom was stolen from me and I can’t get her back, but I’m proud of her and I always have it,” Atlas said.

The final part of the testimony came from Jamie Schmidt’s husband, Greg Schmidt. He said the two were married on June 2, 1980 and had three children together.

On the morning of November 16, Greg Schmidt said his wife kissed and hugged her when she went to work. When he got home that night, Jamie Schmidt’s car wasn’t there, but a police car started down the road towards him. The police officer then revealed his identity, handed the card to Greg Schmidt, and asked another police officer for details. The second officer told Greg Schmidt that his wife had been shot and suffered a “non-survival head wound.”

When he arrived at the hospital, Greg Schmidt was told that his wife had died, and she was considered a crime scene, that he couldn’t see her right away. Meaned.

“In a way, my kids lost two parents that day because I wasn’t the same since then,” he said.

Greg Schmidt told the court that he didn’t cry much before the crime, but in tears, “I’m crying every day now.”

Greg Schmidt said it would be difficult for him to attend the weekly mass because he missed singing her song next to him. He said her artwork hangs behind the church.

“God bless you, Jamie,” he said ending his statement.

Bruce’s lawyer said he was ready to read, but refused to do so in order to stay with the victims and family he spoke earlier. In a statement, Bruce was to apologize and take responsibility for the event.

Thomas Bruce sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to 2018 Catholic Supply store attack | St. Louis News Headlines Source link Thomas Bruce sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to 2018 Catholic Supply store attack | St. Louis News Headlines

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