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Some office buildings are thick and not exciting, while others are works of art. This is the case for Thousand & One. If you go to this place every day, your work may not seem so bad. Water Street Tampa’s latest project, Thousand & One, makes living workplaces available. I don’t know what the resident wants from the office. One thing is certain: those who move to the area for work take into account the location, condition, and equipment provided. And Thousand & One is not disappointed in this regard. High leasing activity has been seen and negotiations for 100,000 square feet worth of tenants are still ongoing.

The Class A office building was completed in 2021 and covers approximately 387,000 square feet. Due to its exceptional quality, it is rented to reputable tenants in the market. Tampa’s real estate investment firm Sila Realty Trust is just one of many corporate tenants attracted to office buildings. There are 12 skyscrapers in downtown Tampa. In 2021, the same year Thousand and One was built, 62 commercial facilities, including offices, retail and industry, were built. They are trading at near record prices, which is evidence of the fact that both the market and the developers are motivated to pursue new projects.

Water Street Tampa does due diligence Ready to open Thousand & One.. When the developers started working on the project, they decided to incorporate WELL, a special certification for the district. The goal is to have a positive impact on individuals throughout the public places where they spend their time. WELL is regarded as a major tool for improving the health and well-being of buildings around the world. It is based on medical research that examines the relationship between health and wellness and where individuals spend about 90% of their time.

Health and happiness are at the heart of Thousand & One design

Over the last few years, modern life has undergone some changes. Several trends are coming and going, but one thing doesn’t change immediately. We are talking about the impact of the office environment on employee health and well-being. Workspace design can lead to a stressful and unproductive atmosphere. NS International Well Building Institute We strive to advance the world culture of health through better buildings, more vibrant communities, and stronger organizations to fight for everyone everywhere. In the years following the introduction of WELL Building Standard, there has been a great deal of interest in the idea that office buildings act as health intervention tools.

People need to focus on health and well-being, as they are the greatest asset a company can have. A unique building rating system called WELL focuses on the following aspects:

  • Air and water filtration
  • Closeness to the grocery store
  • Enough natural light

Let’s stop for a moment and talk about the essential element of WELL, natural light. Thousand & One includes an open workspace with ambient lighting that supports circadian rhythms and reduces sun glare. LED tube lights exist at different color temperatures and offer different types of “brightness”. The stunning lights used throughout commercial design are comparable to those found on sites such as: https://www.lepro.com/led-tube-lightEmulates the appearance of natural light. Proper lighting reduces eye strain and headaches, not to mention increasing visibility into safety issues. Water Street Tampa leveraged lighting to support WELL Building Standard certification.

Mother Nature creates that path in a thousand and one

Thousand & One was designed by CookFox Architects, a sustainability-focused company based in New York. Natural elements were included in the building design to reduce energy consumption, improve indoor air quality and reduce environmental stress. More precisely, the office building has a stunning façade that creates a wave pattern inspired by the roots of mangroves. Small plants decorate the front door, complementing the colors of Thousand & One and offering other attractions. They are all native plants and allow to be submerged in rainwater. It looks like more plants are growing on the sides of the building.

Water features such as decorative fountains and pools are outdoors. They not only add visual interest, but also reduce stress. The sound is so relaxing that it helps to clear the mind and relax from the stress of the day. Between Thousand & One and nearby commercial facilities There is a dim park where you can enjoy lunch.. Therefore, employees can be environmentally friendly during their lunch break. It is a well-known fact that spending time outdoors has a positive effect on mental health. Publix GreenWise Market is about to open, offering organic daily necessities. It can make a world of difference.

When it comes to Thousand & One, it makes a decisive impression in the lobby. It features a white floor that complements the interior perfectly. The LED lights create a tremendous effect and visitors can enjoy the magnificence of the lobby. Thanks to the internet and sites like the following, it’s not impossible to find similar but slightly different products in a personal project. https://www.lepro.com/.. Returning to the story, you can see another kind of vertical wooden panel in the shape of a wave. For the Penthouse, there is a small kitchen, a meeting room that can be booked on demand, and an outdoor event space. Interestingly, Thousand & One has a gym, so corporate tenants are more energetic, motivated and happy.

Final idea

Tampa companies do not have limited space and can grow through geographical expansion. In addition, state-owned enterprises now have a reason to relocate. There is a talent-seeking war in the US economy, and large corporations are committed to the health and well-being of their employees. Places such as Thousand & One focus on wellness, which increases productivity. Companies can make more money. Please note that Thousand & One is Tampa’s first office building certified by the International WELL Building Institute.

Thousand & One, Water Street Tampa’s first office tower, finally opens
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