Thousands enroll in Hawaii’s SMART Health Card, but it doesn’t work for everyone – Honolulu, Hawaii

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Honolulu (KHON2) —The state launched a new digital immunization verification program on Friday, September 10. So far, the Hawaii SMART Health Card seems to be working smoothly, but not everyone can verify it online.

Starr Yoza first signed up for the SMART Health Card on Friday morning. She said it was fast and easy — similar to the process you go through when you go on a trip.

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“In fact, it’s almost the same,” she said. “It asks step by step what you need to enter.”

First, take a picture of your COVID vaccination card on your mobile phone.Log in or create a SafeTravel account here.. Then click on the Hawaii SMART Health card logo and follow the prompts.

The verification process takes about 1 minute and a QR code is generated.

It’s a good idea to take a screenshot of the QR code along with other confirmation information and keep it handy whenever you go to a restaurant. Otherwise, you will need to log in and access your Safe Travel account every time you go to a gym or restaurant.

But it doesn’t help everyone.

Bernicea Warrell, who recently retired from the military, said he could not confirm the coronavirus vaccination.

“I entered my information. Other travel apps erase the information, but it didn’t work,” Warrell explains. “So I’ll bring my vaccination card.”

The information must be in the state database for verification. The Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and selected federal agencies do not submit vaccination data to the state.

According to the Office of Enterprise Technology Services, as of Friday afternoon, 19,125 people had successfully created digital cards. The success rate is 75%.

“The rollout was the first iteration of the application,” they said in a statement. “We are continuously working to improve the application and its functionality.”

You can use your physical card as proof of vaccination even if you cannot see it online.

Many companies are preparing for the launch of Safe Access Oahu on Monday, September 13, and plan to use the SMART Health Card Verification application to check their vaccination cards.

Downtown JDolan owner Danny Dolan said he would investigate this weekend.

“I hope it helps,” Doran said. “I’m not sure. I haven’t done it yet. Nobody really knows, but I hope it speeds up the process.”

Dolan made one request to the customer.

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“It’s not the staff, the restaurant, that wants this,” he explained. “Please ease them … none of us want to do this. It’s difficult for everyone.”

Thousands enroll in Hawaii’s SMART Health Card, but it doesn’t work for everyone Source link Thousands enroll in Hawaii’s SMART Health Card, but it doesn’t work for everyone

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