Thousands of Haitian migrants held under bridge at Del Rio – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-09-17 16:09:16 –

Del Rio — Thousands of Haitian migrants are gathering under and around a bridge in a small border city in Texas, and the Biden administration is trying to manage a large number of asylum seekers reaching US lands. It presents a chaotic challenge.

Haitians crossed the Rio Grande in a free and stable stream, traversing deep-knee water between the United States and Mexico, with some parents carrying small children on their shoulders. Unable to buy supplies in the United States, they temporarily returned to Mexico in search of food and cardboard, and at least temporarily, the 35,000 city of Del Rio, which has been terribly tense due to the flow of immigrants in recent months. Settled under or near the bridge.

The rise in immigrants has sparked new criticism from Governor Greg Abbott against President Joe Biden, and Republican governors have accused the Democratic administration of reversing with a pledge to close Del Rio’s port of entry.

“Six hours after the U.S. Customs and Border Protection closed entry and asked Texas for help to secure the border, the Biden administration abandoned border security and made it easier for people to cross illegally instead. To another strategy for the cartel to take advantage of the border, “Abbott said in a news release Thursday.

Immigrants set up a temporary camp in Del Rio after crossing the Rio Grande from Mexico. Governor Greg Abbott ordered DPS soldiers and National Guard to support the Federal Border Guard while criticizing the federal government's response.

Earlier that day, Abbott said he had dispatched Texas Public Security Bureau soldiers and had already activated the National Guard to support the planned closure.

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A spokesman for the Del Rio Sector’s Customs and Border Protection said the Texas Tribune had no orders inherited from the Biden administration to close the port of entry in Texas.

Thousands of Haitian migrants held under bridge at Del Rio Source link Thousands of Haitian migrants held under bridge at Del Rio

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