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Riverside, California 2020-11-04 00:31:22 –

Riverside voters support three measures, two of which will give voters a great deal of say about who will lead the city in the future with an early return on Tuesday, November 3.

Three measures amend the charter governing the operation of the city.

On the other hand, none of the votes were slightly higher than the vote in favor of Major T, the fourth proposed amendment. If you pass, you will no longer need to have a written copy of your city’s budget in the Riverside Public Library.

The Q bill, which allows for early returns, requires that vacancy in the Riverside City Council be filled by special elections rather than appointments if the term of office remains for more than a year.

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Also, under that measure, a person appointed to a vacancy of less than 12 months cannot be listed on the ballot as an “incumbent” or “member of the city council” when it matures in the next election. .. “

Major R was also leading. After 2022, city elections will shift from odd to even years. This change is one of several changes recommended by the Citizens’ Commission, with the aim of allowing more voters to choose members of the council due to the generally high turnout of state-wide elections. It is said.

Bill S, also voter-backed, requires the Charter Review Board to scrutinize the proposed amendments to the Charter before the city council votes.

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