Three sisters with green thumbs plant new store in LoHi – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-06-14 06:04:41 –

From left, sisters Serena Elera, Alex and Amber Munoz have joined together to open a new botanical store, the Reeves of Three, on 1600 Boulder Street.Courtesy of three leaves).

After developing a green thumb during a pandemic, three sisters opened a botanical store in LoHi.

Serena Elera, Alex and Amber Munoz said they always wanted to own a business together, but never knew what would happen. They found their focus when the pandemics gave them more time to spend with each other, and more time to grow plants at home.

Named after three sisters, Leaves of Three is 1600 Boulder St, where there used to be a jewelry store on Friday. Opened in a 450 sq ft space. According to Herrera, the business specializes in hydroponic plants that are cultivated solely on water.

“COVID has made that happen in some way. We had some downtime and we were able to spend more time,” says Herrera. “We were able to understand and realize it, but it took a while, but as soon as we found the space, it happened.”

Alex owns a gym in Alvada, and Amber works at Jefferson County Public School in addition to working at the Leaves of Three. Herrera, formerly a therapist, said she has been growing succulents in hydroponics for five years. When the pandemic broke out, her love for them “exploded.”

“I used to be a therapist, but one of the self-care practices was plants,” says Herrera. “And during COVID it exploded. I went from 10 plants to 30 plants, it was insane.”

“It just became our self-care, and that’s the way you know, you know, we just thought,” This is great, we do this as a business You can, “she added.

This store specializes in selling hydroponic plants that grow on water.

All the plants that Elera, Alex and Amber sell are those that already know how to take care of them. They mainly sell succulents and cacti, but also pothos and alocasia. Prices range from the cheapest plant at $ 6 to the cactus at $ 150.

Monstera is one of Elera’s favorites and will be tentatively priced at around $ 80 to $ 100. Unlike some stores that have seen leaves sold as cuttings in flower arrangements, Leaves of Three sells live plants.

“What we want to offer is to have these beautiful life arrangements that double as decoration, so I hope it is very aesthetically pleasing,” Herrera says. I did. “We just want to make it beautiful. There are lots of greens, but we don’t die in two weeks.”

All plants sold at Leaves of Green are purchased wholesale. Some of them were purchased from Calvries Greenhouse, a wholesale supplier of Alvada, which specializes in indoor potted plants such as succulents and cacti.

Herrera, Alex, and Amber have started a venture hoping to serve tea at the Leaves of Three, but they need to re-plumb to support the equipment they need, Herrera said. They may serve hot tea in the winter, which will require less changes to the plumbing, but in the meantime they stick to the plants.

Leaves of Three will host a community event where people can paint pots and learn how to replant plants.

“We want to make this a fun place for people, create something unique and grow a community,” Elera said.

Three sisters with green thumbs plant new store in LoHi Source link Three sisters with green thumbs plant new store in LoHi

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