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Riverside, California 2021-07-18 09:51:55 –

According to the caucuses, the three members were completely vaccinated. One shows mild symptoms.

Washington DC, DC — Three Texas House Democrats from Washington DC COVID-19, Texas House Democratic Caucus Said on Saturday.

Nearly 60 lawmakers are in Washington after fleeing the state and breaking the House quorum on Monday to thwart Republican-backed election reform bills at a special legislative assembly. Most of those representatives are staying together at the same hotel.

Caucus officials said one fully vaccinated member tested positive on Friday night and immediately notified the caucuses. Members and staff took a quick test, but all were negative.

However, on Saturday morning, two additional members, both fully vaccinated, tested positive on a rapid test. According to KVUE’s media partners, one has mild symptoms. Austin American Statesman..

All three members who test positive will undergo a PCR test, which is more accurate and sensitive than a rapid test, Statesman reported. They are quarantined for 10 days. Following the CDC guidance, those who have been fully vaccinated in contact with a person who tested positive will take additional precautions only if they have symptoms.

On Sunday morning Celia Israel (D-Austin) She said she was one of three members who tested positive.

“On Friday evening, after my colleague was notified that he was positive for COVID-19 testing, I and my colleague immediately underwent a rapid antigen test,” she said in a statement. “I was negative, but subsequent tests on Saturday morning showed that I am now COVID positive. This is because COVID-19 is still very high among us and the infection rate is high. Remind us that the rise and more infectious mutations are widespread throughout the country. They are completely vaccinated and cannot prevent 100% of the infection. “

Israel said she had only mild symptoms and wanted to overcome the infection quickly.

“I’m currently quarantined until the test is negative,” she said. “For those who have not yet been vaccinated, we recommend that you vaccinate as soon as possible to stop the spread.”

Chris Turner, chair of the House Democratic Caucus, said the caucuses follow all CDC guidance and protocols.

“This is a calm reminder that COVID is still with us, and vaccination provides tremendous protection, but we still have to take the necessary precautions. “Turner said. “We are in contact with Texas public health professionals and provide additional guidance. Our caucuses are all recommendations from public health professionals while we continue to work. I will follow the matter. “

House Dade Phelan’s Texas Speaker issued the following statement on Saturday:

“Kim and I pray for safety and health for members of the Texas House Democratic Caucus who were COVID-19 positive while in Washington, DC. My staff is from the Texas State Department. We contacted Commissioner Dr. John Hellerstett. Health Services and his epidemiological team for additional guidance on protocols for people infected with COVID-19 after vaccination. “

Israel thanked its Republican colleagues for their good luck.

The news comes from the highly contagious delta variant of COVID-19 becoming the predominant strain in the United States and Texas. On Thursday, Travis County leaders moved the area to Stage 3 of the county’s risk-based guidelines after four cases of variants were identified.

Vaccination provides protection against mutants and helps prevent severe illness and death. Texas House Democratic Caucus said all members were vaccinated.

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Three Texas House Democrats test positive for COVID-19 Source link Three Texas House Democrats test positive for COVID-19

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