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Nashville, Tennessee (WTVF) —Three years have passed, but the suspected shooting at Waffle House still doesn’t look like a legislative trial. So what’s the current state of Travis Reinking?

To be fair, the pandemic has retreated all criminal trials. But there are other reasons why the trial date is not yet available.

Waffle House Shooting Three Years Later: Travis Reinking Timeline

The reink is locked and remains on standby. The 32-year-old boy is now accused of killing four young men (DeEbony Groves, Akilah Dasilva, Joe Perez and Taurean Sanderlin) in the Waffle House in Antioch.

Remember that Reinking was diagnosed with schizophrenia and was considered intolerable to the trial. He spent six months in a treatment facility.

“There’s something called capacity recovery, which means trying to recover you to a level you can try,” said Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall at the time of 2018. ..

Reinking is now considered worthy of trial and is being held unrestrained in a new downtown prison. He is alone in the cell-two hours a day out is allowed.

He has no discipline issues and meets a variety of visitors, primarily family and lawyers.

Shortly after he was arrested, Reinking called me (Nick Beres on NewsChannel 5) to talk to me.

“About what I’m thinking, what I want to say for me, and that,” Reinking said on the phone from his cell phone.

I asked him about his mental health.

“Yes, no … I’m completely healthy.”

And then Reinking told me he wanted to represent himself in the trial.

“That … I choose to represent myself. I don’t know how it works. I didn’t like those lawyers.”

Of course, he now has a new team of defendant lawyers.

Deputy DA says they are waiting to propose a suitable date for the trial.

When the trial takes place, the defense is probably Reinking’s sanity, but if he seems worthy to stand on the trial, how would you insist?

“The lawyer probably says he’s okay with medicine and treatment now, but not at the time of the crime. So he wasn’t sane at the time,” with the case.

The Gag Order remains valid, but sources say the trial may be held by the end of the year.

In this case, the prosecutor does not seek the death penalty. A crazy plea is a very difficult case to make. But even if Reinking turns out to be innocent because of madness, he will not be released. He will be sent to a safe mental facility.

Three years after Waffle House shooting, still no trial for suspect Source link Three years after Waffle House shooting, still no trial for suspect

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