Thriftones Kick Off Summerfest Friday – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-09-18 12:36:57 –

“The Ballad Of The Opening Band” was a 1993 song by Slim Dunlap. As long as there is live music, emotions are relevant.

On Friday, The Thriftones was the first act on the Big Backyard stage at Summerfest. What are the benefits of playing first? Due to the limited traffic of the festival, it’s easy to get to the artist’s parking lot. The old band never dumped the green room in the trash and has a decent sound check without pressure.

Five minutes before the start time, maintenance personnel are cleaning and cleaning up the bleachers of the Fitz and Tan Trams Party last night. The carts are crowded on the premises where supplies are stockpiled. The sunny and warm climate suggests that a busy Friday is included in the card.The man rides a sky glider and his companions are two-wheeled trolleys and supplies cases

At noon, Thrifton goes on stage like a pro. Frontman Matt Davis is dressed in formal wear, wearing a suit and Stetson. They play with a sound engineer and one of them is taking notes.

“It’s a long way, but it’s the only way,” Davis sings. 90 minutes later, the band finished the performance and serenade the crowd together to “Get Home Safe.”

Several young local artists are obsessed with the sound of vintage Bob Dylan. As Andrew Koenig plays the guitar, Thrifton approaches the sound of its faint wild mercury. Don’t let go of the rhythm section of the drums of bassist Eston Bennett and Thomas Jones.

The song “Wish Peak” was the result of a friend suggesting that Davis’s song was too hung in the story, and he wrote the song “A bunch of metaphors tied together” for everything. Maybe, but it had a good beat and you could dance to it. No one has confused “Louis, Louis” with Shakespeare. On the cover of Willie the Weeper, Thrifts entered a tall story and a grand tradition of misery. It featured König interrupting the story with a sound effect from the Telecaster.

In addition to top shelf originals like “Anywhere, USA,” the band nodded to the influence of Apple’s “Do n’t Pass Me By” and Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s “Everybody Knows this is Nowhere.”

In fact, the backyard is the same size no matter how many people are in the audience. There are several times when the band’s point of view is not “small number of people” but “let’s move for the people here”. .. That’s what Thriftones did on Friday.

Davies directly observed that this could be the perfect working day for him. He dropped off the children, then went to Lot E and parked. “If everything goes according to plan, I’ll pick up the kids after the show. I’ll do it seven days a week if possible!” Perhaps being an open act isn’t too bad after all.

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