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400 climate activists from 180 countries have been invited to Milan, Italy’s financial capital, for the three-day Youth 4 Climate Summit.

Young climate activists Vanessa Nakate and Greta Thunberg failed to fulfill their pledge to help poor countries adapt to a warming planet on Tuesday, and climate change is rampant around the world. He blamed world leaders for providing too much “somehow” as it caused confusion.

They questioned the intent behind the youth’s climate change talking in Milan.

400 climate activists from 180 countries have been invited to Italian financial capital for the 3-day Youth 4 Climate Summit to send recommendations to the major UN Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland, beginning October 31st. But participants are demanding more accountability from leaders, and from a larger official role for young people.

“They encourage young people who choose cherry blossoms to pretend to be listening to us, but they aren’t. They obviously don’t listen to us. Numbers. Look at. Emissions are still increasing. Science doesn’t lie. “

“Leaders want to say,’We can do that.’ They obviously don’t mean that, but we do.”

A 24-year-old activist from Uganda, Nakate said € 100 billion a year (117 billion) to help countries particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change despite wildfires in California and Greece and floods in Germany. He said the dollar) promise had not been fulfilled. “Loss and damage can now occur anywhere,” says Belgium.

“In fact, funding is promised by 2020 and we are still waiting,” she said. I’ll show you the money. It’s time, it’s time, it’s time. “

Mr. Nakate dramatically emphasized how climate change is affecting Africa, “ironically, given that Africa has the lowest CO2 emissions on all continents except Antarctica. “.

Just last week, she said she saw police robbing the bodies washed away by a violent storm in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, while others were searching for more victims. Her mother told her that a man dragged into the water was trying to protect the goods he was selling.

The middle hand shed tears after an emotional speech and was comforted by Toonberg. Toonberg took her to the podium.

Toonberg, which united global protests for Friday’s future, said it was never too late to reverse climate trends. But she’s heard enough from her leader that she’s been talking for 30 years, while half of all carbon emissions have been occurring since 1990 and one-third since 2005. There is.

“This is all we hear from our so-called leaders: words. Words that sound great but haven’t led to any action so far. Our hopes and dreams are drowning in their empty words and promises. Of course we need constructive dialogue, but they are now thirty years old. Somehow, and where did this lead us? “She said.

Saoi O’Connor, an Irish activist for the Friday for Future movement, said the youth conference in Milan was coordinated by the government that chose the participants and the delegation drafted a document to “edit.” The closing document does not represent “what the striker wants”.

“They have people in the room who are watching what we say. The topic we divided into was decided for us,” she said.

Following the three-day Youth 4 Climate Summit, a two-day pre-COP meeting was held in front of Glasgow, between countries ranging from the world’s largest carbon emitters to developing countries that are economically and technologically lagging. The purpose is to find common ground in the problems of.

Expectations for the success of the Glasgow Summit were boosted by announcements from the world’s two largest economies and the largest carbon polluters. China’s President Xi Jinping has announced plans for US President Joe Biden to double financial assistance for green growth in poor countries, while his country is no longer funding overseas coal-fired power plants. He said he wouldn’t.

In addition, Turkey has stated that it will comply with the Paris Protocol, and South Africa has announced more ambitious emission targets.

“These are good steps,” said Roberto Singorani, Italy’s Minister of Ecosystem Transition, who hosts the Milan Conference. “It means they are moving in the right direction …. I Do not expect quantum jumps in this huge operation at the world level, but all the indicators are good. “

Mr Singorani agreed with the criticism that many promises were broken, including funding adaptation to climate change, but said he had seen a convergence in the sense of urgency. “That’s true, we have to work harder,” he said.

He also reveals earlier references he made to “radical and chic” activists, noting climate protesters but those who do not make sacrifices to have renewable energy facilities in their neighborhood. He said he was.

The youth delegation was trying to maintain realistic expectations for the conference.

“What we can do is to expect the best,” said Pakistan’s 16-year-old Zainab Wahid, who is campaigning to include climate in the national school curriculum. And, learning from history, we have seen that even the ministers of the 26 COP countries are not keeping their promises. “

27-year-old Ugandan’s Rosekobsinge, who holds a master’s degree in environmental change and management from Oxford University, needs to take concrete action at the Glasgow conference in order for the fight against climate change to remain credible. Said there is. She also believes that youth representatives should be invited as participants, rather than just sending a message.

“Let’s not stop negotiations in Glasgow. If it does, I don’t think we need a COP anymore because of what it is. Just come and talk and come back to your country.” She said. Told.

This story corrects the spelling of Vanessa Nakate’s surname in several paragraphs.

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