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THUNDERGONG! is upon us this weekend; free and available around the world – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2020-11-13 20:14:22 –

THUNDERGONG press conference! // Photo by Block Wilbur

In 2020, there are few moments when big events in the community will normalize enough to find ways to adapt and survive.Sure, throw Of the pitch The annual Best of KC party via Zoom Call, at least have you found a way to do it? Normalization. At least not everything has been removed from the calendar. It’s the same (if not more) excitement that we enter the weekend and celebrate the glorious return of another well-known local institution.

Thundergon! It’s a night of musical performances and celebrity appearances, gathering to help uninsured and uninsured amputees get the prosthetic limbs they need, regaining mobility and regaining potential. Since 2017, the event has raised approximately $ 850,000 for the Steps of Faith and has helped provide artificial limbs to more than 400 individuals.

This year’s appearances are as follows.

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It’s never funny that Ted Lasso is listed like the band’s name. To be clear, I will definitely see the band.

Under the looming influence of COIVD-19, the event decided to convert to digital format.For some reason this actually makes us More Excited about this year’s THUNDER GONG!

I’ve known this event for a long time, but I couldn’t attend it, whether I was away from town or the tickets were sold out before I entered. My parents have invested in the same way they want to participate in the past few times. For years, they haven’t traveled from Salina, Kansas. This year’s show is a free live stream, so everyone in the world can attend, not just the 2500 people who fit in the Uptown Theater. And it goes in both directions. This means that almost everyone on the guest wish list can pop in. In other words, it strengthens the lineup that is already generally built up.

At a press conference this morning, host Jason Sudeikis ( SNL And Ted Lasso) And co-creator Billy Brimblecom Jr. (Secretary-General of the Steps of Faith Foundation) elaborated on the importance of the event.

“This show is for everyone,” says Brimblecom. “Tickets usually start at $ 45 per ticket and extend to higher, higher sponsorship levels. This year’s free show, we rely on giving people whatever they can.”

“If offered, it would cost $ 1 million,” Sudeikis adds. “We’re not stuck on that. If you like, it costs $ 1 million.”

“But again, the cliché is true. Every penny is important,” says Brimblecom.

Sudeikis talked here about how everyone should be on the same side, and that there is nothing to defend in this universally beloved event. “The only enemy here is the insurance company and its lack of empathy,” says Sudeikis. “Indifference. That is the only thing we need to defend.”

Every day in the United States, 500 people lose their limbs. The Step of Face works to provide artificial limbs to as many people as possible to support. “The more requests we get as we start to rank high in Google search,” says Brimblecom. “And more money and support needed to help others.”

The event will run live this Saturday night at 7pm. Thundergong.org has streaming links for both YouTube and Facebook, as well as donation / product information. Tell everyone you know to go along and throw a few dollars into your hat for good reason.

THUNDERGONG! is upon us this weekend; free and available around the world Source link THUNDERGONG! is upon us this weekend; free and available around the world

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