Thunderstorms and lightning can cause more fires in the western United States | US News

The summer of Oregon’s explosive wildfires could escalate further, and this year thunderstorms and lightning spur many of the flames that hit much of the dry, dangerously hot western United States.

is more than Currently 80 major wildfires mocking western statesCovers a complex area similar to Delaware, with the largest fire known as the bootleg fire, 537 square miles of flame It burns in a primeval forest about 300 miles southwest of Portland, Oregon.

Scientists say the artificial climate crisis is fueling fires by contributing to scorching temperatures and dry, flammable vegetation. Almost all of the western United States is on the verge of severe drought that has plunged reservoirs, including those used to fight fires.

Settled in the Pacific Northwest, the recent “heat dome”, which caused record heat in Seattle and Portland, buckled roads, melted power cables, and killed hundreds, is global. It was “practically impossible” without heating. Subsequent scientific analysis.

Michael Mann, a climate scientist at Pennsylvania State University, said:

“This is a dangerous climate change. It’s not 20 or 10 years from now. For the people of Oregon, it’s here now.”

The situation in which firefighters are struggling to contain a bootleg fire can be exacerbated, and lightning can strike and ignite forests near the now raging Fremont Winma National Forest. Is predicted.

“The expected lightning activity earlier this week is expected to occur east of us, but we are prepared for the worst and want the best,” said Mike, assistant fire chief of the forest.・ McCann said.

Bootleg’s fire, which is now about the size of Los Angeles, is so big and hot that we’ve created our own weather system to push the embers of the burning wind against the trees and spread the flames further. The fire has been burning for two weeks, and one-third of its surroundings have not been contained by the fire brigade.

As the fire progresses, at least 2,000 homes have been evacuated and hundreds of buildings have already been ashed. The wind is pushing the fire farther in the north and east.

“Thousands of homes would have been destroyed so far,” said a researcher at the Oregon State University Forest Department, who studies historic wildfires, in the event of a fire in a densely populated area of ​​California. James Johnston said.

“But it’s burning in one of the more remote areas of the 48 states of the continental United States.”

Satellite imagery captures a wildfire in Oregon – video
Satellite imagery captures a wildfire in Oregon – video

However, smoke from the Bootleg fire has blown into Canada, and smoke from other fires in the western United States has warned the air quality of some cities.

On Tuesday, New York state officials warned vulnerable people to stay indoors because of the soothing air pollution caused by wildfires drifting across the United States on the east coast. Smoke caused residents of New York City 2,000 miles from the flames to witness a fiery sunrise on Tuesday.

Last year, it set a record for the amount of land consumed by wildfires in the western United States, but 2021 will exceed this mark given that the peak fire months of late summer and early autumn have not yet arrived. Some experts predict.

Joe Biden urged Congress to pass climate legislation to help delay the fires that are increasingly strafing the country, the president said the disaster “needs to act and act fast” in the United States Will warn you.

Thunderstorms and lightning can cause more fires in the western United States | US News

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