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Witnesses on Thursday include Jeffrey Rosen, who was the Attorney General during the assault on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Washington- January 6th Committee Former Justice Ministry officials who faced a relentless pressure campaign from Donald Trump over the outcome of the 2020 presidential election will hear while curbing bizarre challenges from within their own ranks.

Thursday’s hearing will draw attention to the memorable turmoil in the sector as Mr. Trump aimed to succumb to the will of law enforcement agencies that have long valued independence from the White House. .. The testimony aims to show how Trump not only relied on outside advisers to impose the allegations of fraudulent elections, but also tried to harness the power of the federal executive branch.

Witnesses include Jeffrey Rosen, who was the Attorney General Assault on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.. Three days ago, Rosen was part of a tense Oval Office showdown, and Trump was thinking of replacing him with Jeffrey Clark, a junior bureaucrat who wanted to defend Trump’s fraudulent allegations. rice field.

In a written statement prepared for the Commission and obtained by the Associated Press, Rosen did not provide evidence of fraud that the Justice Ministry could affect the outcome of the election, and therefore the results. Instead, it insists on an orderly transfer of power.

“Some have claimed to the former president and the public that the elections were corrupt and stolen,” Rosen’s statement said. “I was wrong at the time, but I am wrong today. I hope that being here today will help reaffirm that fact.”

Rosen’s chief adjutants, Richard Donohue and Stephen Engel, will also testify. Both warned that he would resign to Trump at the White House meeting, and that if he replaced Rosen with Clark, many of the department’s lawyers would follow.

“Situations can occur here. Within 24 hours, hundreds of people will resign from the Justice Department,” Donohue told Trump. “Is it good for everyone? Is it good for the department? Is it good for the country? Is it good for you? Not.”

Only then did Trump not forgive. That night, and later, his administration ended with Rosen still in power.

The This is the 5th hearing this month Supporters of Trump attacked the building while lawmakers were proving the outcome of Joe Biden’s winning elections by a committee investigating the precursors of a riot in the Capitol. Witnesses included police officers, lawyers, television executives, and local election officials attacked in the Capitol, all of whom resisted requests to change the outcome in Trump’s favor.

Last week, the Commission announced a videotaped testimony of former Attorney General William Barr. Trump’s fraudulent allegations were accused of being “bullish,” “fake,” and “ridiculous.” I resigned because I couldn’t convince the president.

The hearing on Thursday will focus on what happened next when Rosen, Bar’s chief agent, took over the Department of Justice and was immediately besieged by Trump’s request for the Department of Justice’s actions.

In a phone conversation According to the handwritten note Trump, who was picked up by Donald and announced by lawmakers last year, instructed Rosen to “say the elections were corrupt and leave the rest to me and the House of Representatives.”

Around that time, Trump was introduced to Clark by Republican Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania. Clark joined the ministry as Supreme Environmental Lawyer in 2018 and was later appointed to run the civil sector. Clark was previously summoned by the Commission to take testimony, but he is not included in Thursday’s witnesses.

Clark said he was eager to support the president’s efforts to meet Trump and challenge the election results, despite not being ordered by the Justice Department’s boss, according to statements from other Justice Department officials. did. A report Published last year by the Senate Judiciary Committee, which portrayed Clark as a relentless defender of Trump, included a draft letter urging Georgian authorities to convene a special legislative meeting to reconsider the outcome of the election. I did.

Clark wanted to send the letter, but the Justice Department’s boss refused.

The situation came to mind on Sunday, January 3, 2021, when Clark informed Rosen at a private meeting at the Justice Department that Trump would like to replace him with Clark on behalf of the Attorney General. According to the Senate report, Rosen replied, “There was no universe I could imagine it would happen,” and said he would not accept the dismissal from his subordinates.

Rosen then contacted the White House to request a meeting. That night, Rosen, Donohue, and Engel, along with Clark, met with top lawyers from Trump and the White House to argue over whether the president needed to implement a plan for a radical leadership change in the sector. I attended a meeting in the Oval Office for several hours.

According to Rosen’s testimony, Trump held the meeting saying, “One of the things we know is Rosen, I’m not going to do anything to overturn the election.”

Donohue and Engel have told Trump that if Trump fires Rosen, they and many other Justice Ministry officials will resign. The White House lawyer said the same thing. Pat Cipollone, then White House adviser, said at some point Clark wanted to send a “murder-suicide agreement.”

“Steve Engel said at one point,” Jeff Clark will lead the graveyard, and what are you going to do in the graveyard, “there will be such an escape of leadership,” Donohue said. I told the Senate Judiciary Committee. “So it was very strongly told by the President that it would happen.”

Donohue also tried to discourage Trump from believing that Clark had the legal background to do what the president wanted, as Clark was not a criminal prosecutor in the department.

“And he argued,’Well, I’ve done a lot of very complicated appeals, civil proceedings, environmental proceedings, etc.'” Donohue said. “And I said,’Yes. You’re an environmental lawyer. When you get back to the office, call when the oil spills.”

Thursday Jan 6 panel to focus on Trump’s pressure on DOJ Source link Thursday Jan 6 panel to focus on Trump’s pressure on DOJ

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