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German steel companies ThyssenKruppsteel and HKM, and the Port of Rotterdam are jointly investigating the start of an international supply chain for hydrogen.

In the process of converting to climate-neutral steelmaking, ThyssenKrupp steel and HKM require large amounts of hydrogen to produce steel without coal.

For decades, the two companies have been importing coal, iron ore and other raw materials via their own terminals in Rotterdam and transporting them to Duisberg’s blast furnaces using inland barges and railroads.

Partners explore the opportunity to import hydrogen via Rotterdam and the potential of a pipeline corridor between Rotterdam and ThyssenKrupp Steel and HKM’s steel sites in Duisburg. Partnerships may act as a framework for additional initiatives and are intended to support existing initiatives and projects that involve partners.

The Port of Rotterdam is already investigating hydrogen imports from many countries and regions around the world.

Rotterdam is also installing the carbon transport and storage system Porthos, which is being considered as a CO2 storage site for producing blue hydrogen by the “H2morrow Steel” project, which includes ThyssenKrupp steel.

“The three partners agree that a new cross-border infrastructure is needed, especially to support energy transitions. [as] We need an additional pipeline structure, “said ThyssenKrupp’s statement.

“The specific and significant demand for hydrogen from the steel industry as an alternative to coal, and the option to store CO2, could serve as a stimulus for the realization of this infrastructure.

“The cooperation between Rotterdam, Europe’s largest port and Duisburg, Europe’s largest steel site, provides a signal effect for establishing a supply chain for energy conversion and building important sustainable European industries and logistics clusters. May bring. “

ThyssenKrupp on Hydrogen / HKM / Rotterdam Team | Automotive Industry News

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