Tianna Shaw-Wakeman: USC’s 1st Black valedictorian among Class of 2021 – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2021-05-14 18:58:16 –

Los Angeles-Apart from hosting direct graduation ceremonies for USC classes in 2020 and 2021, the university on Friday also marked a unique moment in its history.

According to a tweet from USC, among the graduates was Tianna Shaw-Wakeman, who became the first black graduate in college.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the USC Dornife University of Literature, Arts and Sciences, Showwakeman now holds a master’s degree in social entrepreneurship from the USC Marshall Business School.

She spoke before the graduation class and expressed what her achievements meant.

“This revelation stands as a small but proof of how far we have come, as an institution, as a nation, and how far we have to go,” she said.

Born in Texas and raised in South Carolina and Tennessee, he spent many of his youth. According to her profile by USC News..

She described her first day at the USC as a “shock.”

“There were few Southerners, few blacks, and few low-income earners, so it was a truly overwhelming world,” said Showwakeman.

Upon entering campus, she focused on issues such as sustainability, attending the USC’s Environmental Core in the year of freshman, and finally organizing a 2019 climate strike.

These efforts naturally evolved into Divest SC, co-founder of Shaw-Wakeman, an organization that promises to invest universities in clean technology and renewable energy, rather than the fossil fuel industry.

As a result of that effort, the USC Board’s Investment Committee has resolved to liquidate its investment in existing fossil fuels over the next few years.

Her other interests include volunteering at the Teach for Los Angeles and teaching elementary school students to read and write.

“I just saw my role in working on sustainability and doing all the different things I did. This energy and the vibrancy of how important sustainability is. I was trying to be a thing, “she said.

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Tianna Shaw-Wakeman: USC’s 1st Black valedictorian among Class of 2021 Source link Tianna Shaw-Wakeman: USC’s 1st Black valedictorian among Class of 2021

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