Tiffani Thiessen Details Mark-Intimate Friendship with Paul Goseller

BFF forever!the secret of Tiffani Thiessen And Mark Paul Gosellerof Friendship is finding time to spend together. With their family.

“We live completely close. I love his wife. His kids are great, we love. [them]..So we really enjoy spending time with them, “said Teesen, 47, exclusively. We weekly While promoting a partnership with Nutri-Grain.

Tiffani Thiessen and Mark Paul Gosseller. Shutterstock (2)

But Saved by the bell Co-stars try to make time for a double date with their respective partners, Tiesen admits that it can be difficult to coordinate.

“It used to be, but it’s been a while. I’ll actually go back and start shooting a few more episodes. Season 2 [of Saved by the Bell] next week.Maybe we try to get something [together]”She said. “It’s hard for kids. He has more kids than I do, so it’s even harder than me.”

With Teesen Brady Smith I share my daughter Harper (11 years old) and my son Holt (6 years old). Gosseller (47) shares his son Decker Edward (8) and daughter Rachlin Hope (6) with his wife. Catriona McGin..The actor also has two children from a previous marriage Lisa Ann Russell..

Teesen and Gosseller previously provided to fans A glimpse of their friendship when they helped each other during the COVID-19 pandemic..

April 2020, pitch Alum shared on social media that he needed some eggs.

“This is a deal,” Gosseller said in an Instagram video at the time. “I’m out of eggs, so I called my friend who owns a chicken and said,” Hey, can you help me? ” So she left me some. “

Watch Mario Lopez recreate his iconic

1996, Tiffani Thiessen, Mark Paul Goseller, Dustin Diamond, Mario Lopez. Globe Photo / Media Punch / Shutterstock

Gosseral is in the clip, his friend happens to be Taisen, and he Saved by the bell In a franchise that lasted from 1989 to 1994.pair Back for the 2020 show Peacock Revival..

“So here I’m getting this lovely little gift. Look at it. How cool is it?” Passage Alum is Tiesen outside the house when the camera is moving. Asked to display a small basket of eggs next to a note from Smith, 49.

The memo said, “Fresh ass nuggets for the Gossellers,” and included a heart signed by the whole family.

White-collar actress confirmed We This month is She received a gift from Gosseller..

“He actually left beer to my husband, and I actually joked. I said,” You know, I actually where my gratitude was. Who gave the egg? “It goes to show you that he loves my husband. Similarly, the two have a great relationship, so it’s a lot of fun together, “she told us.

Teesen is busy with work, so he also partnered with Nutrigrain for the “Escape from Negotiations” sweepstakes.

“We spend too much time negotiating food and food with our children so that parents can agree. Statistically, nutrigrain is, in fact, our parents eating and eating with their children. I told me I was spending a total of about 9 days negotiating about food. That’s crazy for me … 9 days waste a lot of time, “explained Teisen.

She continued. “They are actually doing the great thing of getting people to follow and comment on nutrigrain. Then they give five families a chance to get up to $ 10,000 in family vacation. [It’s] It’s not just about negotiating food, it’s just about showing and showing that you can actually spend better time with your family. “

Reported by Mandie DeCamp

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Tiffani Thiessen Details Mark-Intimate Friendship with Paul Goseller

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